Super Luigi Saturday Wii(th) U!

//Super Luigi Saturday Wii(th) U!

Super Luigi Saturday Wii(th) U!

  Today was a pretty good day. I got in my Hauppauge HD PVR 2 which means I can now record console games. It’s going to be a bit of a logistical mess to get it going with the great UI layout that Liz made but as a first step I am quite pleased. It gives me an excuse to start making my way through my console games.

  My first impressions of Super Luigi U is that it’s the Dark Souls of modern Mario games. It’s difficult but largely because the controls are floaty and you are given little to no time to finish everything. That isn’t to say I don’t like it, we’ll save that judgment for after I beat it. For now though you can see roughly how well I’m doing in the following video.


Super Floaty U!

  This weekend I’ll be playing Ni no Kuni and you can watch me play! I mean – if you want. If you don’t that’s fine because I’ll also be writing and trying to keep things nice and interesting. Some cleaning was done today (minimally by me) and dinner was especially scrumptious.

  Not a bad start to a long weekend. Here’s hoping by the time its finished I won’t feel that I’ve wasted it.

  The weather is still stupid but at least I’m not stuck in a room without opening windows for a bit. It’s a small luxury but that particular luxury helps me feel like I’m human.

  (I made it through this entire update without using “so” to start off a sentence. Progress indeed.)

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