Sweet Gifts from Sweet People

//Sweet Gifts from Sweet People

Sweet Gifts from Sweet People

  I don’t have much to talk about today. It was another work day with amusing little events that I might detail more in the coming days. But for now I’m exhausted because I tried to play basketball and forgot that I’m out of shape. I do however have a very sweet gift to share with you all.

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  I said a bit about how I feel about this on Facebook and on the wall for HIS but frankly this gift is just beyond my expectation or comprehension. It’s one of the sweetest surprises I’ve ever gotten. I find that there are connections to be made over the net that are just as beautiful and fun as those we meet in our day to day lives. While I do think that human interaction in the same vicinity is important I don’t know if I’d rule out communication across the web.

  My 27th year is certainly looking up. We’ll see where things go from here.

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