There it goes, onto infinity.

Is The Universe Shrinking?

Roughly 13.7 billion years ago there was an incredible event. Commonly called the Big Bang, this dramatic expansion has lead to what we now call the universe. But what is the universe? I suppose we should get that out of the way first. There are two things that the universe can be. The actual answer would be “everything”. “The Universe is commonly …

Rico PenguinIs The Universe Shrinking?

Black Hole Fun Won’t You Come

  I had a random thought recently about the nature of dichotomies. There are many ways and many examples that show dichotomies to be vapid. But there is one in particular that I’m curious about. Allow me to take you on a short journey through a physics thought experiment that is largely based in ignorance but certainly not apathy. [Because …

Rico PenguinBlack Hole Fun Won’t You Come

Gravitation ~ a few more thoughts. Needs more cubes.

  I want to take a very short journey along a thought I had earlier about gravity. I’m sure everyone finds themselves staring blankly at work their minds awash with whatever mundane task has somehow become theirs. It is in this moment naturally that you start thinking about physics and the universe at large. Not boobs or anything like that …

Rico PenguinGravitation ~ a few more thoughts. Needs more cubes.

String Theory is Intuitive.

  I was on the fence of making this an OTTO or not but I think I’d first just like to babble it in the broadest abstract. String Theory, Quantum Physics, and the Standard Model all make perfectly clear sense. I’ll attempt to convey why I think so while a bit out of it from my medication, so forgive me …

Rico PenguinString Theory is Intuitive.

Giant Flaming Tornadoes

  I’m pretty tired. So I think today I’m just going to mention something super awesome and leave the rest to a different website. This is called piggy-backing! Let’s do this!   You know what a tornado is? I’m sure you do, crazy swirling funnels of air that destroy everything in their path. Well imagine a big one, lets say …

Rico PenguinGiant Flaming Tornadoes

Watching Water Boil.

I am constantly fighting with time. My perception of time is inherently skewed and I can’t put my finger on when just about anything in my life actually happened. Birthdays are basically the closest I come to getting fairly accurate on what the event signifies and what date that the original event happened. Otherwise it is a nightmare. Which is …

Rico PenguinWatching Water Boil.

Rico Examines “The Beauty of Mathematics.”

  I am a huge fan of numbers. I love statistics dearly and enjoy any sort of comparative diagram. Especially when dealing on the astronomical scale, the reality of how small I truly am is very exciting and opens doors in the mind that are difficult to get ajar. They never seem to open wide but just trying is such …

Rico PenguinRico Examines “The Beauty of Mathematics.”