A Handy How-To on Regulation

  Oh man, I bet you were thinking today “I want to read about regulation and how to do it effectively!” I heard your calls, I thought about it while building card decks and I’ve come to the following conclusion: Well…you’ll see as we move along!   So I’ve been reading a lot, not necessarily recently but just in general. …

Rico PenguinA Handy How-To on Regulation

Politics and the “Argument of Ignorance”

  There is something called the “Argument from Ignorance” and that’s not what I’m talking about today. No today we are going to (kind of) talk about SOPA. But, you say, we just did! Well no I’m not here to rant on about SOPA again but more what people should do about it now. Specifically you should find out if …

Rico PenguinPolitics and the “Argument of Ignorance”

Why SOPA/PIPA are Bad.

  So I’m writing this from upstairs which means I’ll be warmer which I hope means I won’t have the “cold hands / short post” problem. The only downside to writing up here is I have to magnify the screen by 2x to see anything that I’m writing. However beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take the steadily rising 63 …

Rico PenguinWhy SOPA/PIPA are Bad.

Rico Examines “Arizona: A Final Thought”

  So I’ve discussed this many times across the internet but I’ve never posted about it here. So I feel now is a good time. There are four issues people have with illegal immigration that I would like to address. These are all of course Myths :). The first is that Illegal Immigration costs the nation financially. The second is …

Rico PenguinRico Examines “Arizona: A Final Thought”