That first time you see a pulley diagram ~ Magical.

//That first time you see a pulley diagram ~ Magical.

That first time you see a pulley diagram ~ Magical.

  Tomorrow morning a group of strangers will trade a few thousand US dollars in exchange for hauling all of our stuff from location A to location B. This is a business that I can’t really complain about, there is a need in the market and the service it. Ironically we’ve moved most of the boxes downstairs and I feel like I’ve already done the most difficult work for them. While moving things I started thinking about one of my favorite things from school.

  Do you remember the first time a teacher showed you a pulley diagram? I don’t specifically but in the vagueness of my memories I can still feel the nostalgic punch of that day. The teacher trying to explain how one simple wheel could increase the lifting power of a person. They don’t explain it very well to little kids and I’m not entirely sure that it is something most people understand well. For me it is mostly magic, I don’t have time tonight to research it but I’d like to babble on about it for at least another paragraph.

  I’m guessing that a pulley works by redistribution of weight. Perhaps each side of the pulley reduces the load by half (or perhaps the root, or something similar) of the original. The more pulleys you add the greater this effect. On a similar note about load I really like that I can sit on top of 6 trading card 5 row boxes, while they are full of cards, without any bowing or bending of any of them (even the bottom one). It is remarkable to me how effective crossbeams are. Redistributing the weight of a person across 5 bars instead of a single bar.

  A similar trick is used with nail beds. While sitting on one nail would put more strain on a fine point than your flesh can resist, distributing that weight across a hundred or a thousand nails makes it so that no particular nail is pushing against you with any meaningful (or painful) result. I suppose more accurately you are falling at the nails.

  That’s about that. I need to get back to packing. We will have moved some 50 boxes, each likely 30-50 lbs down a flight of stairs by the end of today. My body tells me that I should really have installed a pulley system or perhaps built a chute into the kitchen. But these pipe dreams always come a day too late and many dollars over budget.

  PS. I am seriously coming back to this with an in depth look at pulleys. The damn things get me so friggen excited!

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