The 2 Certainties in Life: Terrible Motorists and Taxes

//The 2 Certainties in Life: Terrible Motorists and Taxes

The 2 Certainties in Life: Terrible Motorists and Taxes

  We had some rain here in Sunnyvale and you know what that means: Psychotic driving. I’m still not sure what it is about slightly abnormal weather conditions that lead folks to become absolutely deadly behind the wheel. Basically if a person can’t drive safely in rain they should drive in rain ever. Just call in to work, and if you find that you live somewhere that rains a lot then go get some lessons in rainy day driving. It would be nice to cut back on traffic accidents.

  Otherwise we found out we’ll be paying about 1200 in taxes this year. Color me surprised since I’ve been paying out the bottom in taxes all year. Kind of weird to watch a big chunk of your paycheck vanish and then be told “Not enough was vanishing.” Where in the dickens are they even spending the tax money? Narnia? That’s probably my biggest complaint is that I don’t see the money being used anywhere. I’m sure it is, but it just really doesn’t feel like it given how crappy everything looks.

  So yeah, not a huge deal, just means I lost all my spending money for the next month. Going to be a boring April. Maybe I’ll take this time to catch up on the stuff I have now, look at it as a government challenge to take care of my backlog.

  I originally was going to try and write a poem today, haven’t done that in a long time, but I took too long to end my day and now I’m no longer alone. Writing for me is usually a private act, and poetry even more so, so I’ll just hold it off till some future date.

  I can assure you it’ll be clunky, irrelevant, or boring, maybe a mix of the three just to really sell it to the random website goer.

  I think I’m going to get the latest Strunk and White, I’m fairly sure I said that before. That might be my guilty buy for the next month. I need to read it, then look at my story, see where the two clash and see if I want them to. Probably a wise move.

  Also, someone out there write a good guide for intransitive and transitive verbs, basically every website that tries to explain it uses sentences that I feel are seemingly interchangeable and that is really screwing with my brain. Bad enough how little of English terminology that I know, but when even looking for answers to those I don’t brings up nothing but further confusion. It seems like the words are meant literally but those examples are terrible. Maybe I’ll keep looking and write a post once I figure that stupid thing out.

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