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The Big Bang Theory

We are reaching the end of the vacation here. It’s been an interesting ride to be sure. I still feel that I don’t have much in common with this half of my family but it was overall an interesting experience. I met a few folks that I get along with very well but sadly their names are but a distant memory that I doubt I’ll recall on my own.

At least one of them had a Pokemon ring tone, that was pretty cool. I know my major problem and I think I mentioned it on the day prior but if I didn’t lets do it one more time, I am terrible at light small talk. I like discussions about big things, well maybe they aren’t big but they are big to me, science, mathematics, politics, and even religion. These are not things you can generally just walk into, you don’t bump into someone and say “How about that Higgs Boson!” If you do they’ll end up backing away and running off.

The trend of conversation to morbidity, one that has held this entire vacation, happened once again tonight. Laughter and banter broke down into talks of wills and wounded siblings. It did well to kill my joyous buzz for the day. We had ridden on speed boats for about 20 minutes earlier in the day and it was nice and care free. I’m not a big fan of mobile surfaces being beneath me (be they air or water) and so I wasn’t quite enthused for it.

But it was great and I only started feeling ill once we actually began idling, the breakneck jumps across the lake waves were effortless and refreshing. However the dramanine I had taken “just in case” had begun to set in and I was down for the count, my muscles weakened and my brain dragged. “Do you want to go back?” My father-in-law said, to which we beat around the bush and eventually admitted was “Yes.”
I’ve been more cautious since the first day, my family (at least the males) tend to be far more difficult to offend and you can generally be much more raucous with them. Here it has been more of a tip toe, wondering which ones had what going on with their lives and what issues might send them over the edge.
That’s not a fun place to be in and I reserved myself to silence on most of the days, “think boring, think unoffensive” I thought. Offending the random stranger is perfectly acceptable for me, we won’t see one another again and so it has no real long term consequences. If you annoy someone who is related to you that leaves you with a ball and chain situation that is incredibly inconvenient.

Near the end of today there was a cardinal rule broken, political discussion with relatives. I have a deep respect for a man named Smitty, he married into this family like I did and I can’t recall a single time that he’s spoken that hasn’t delighted me. He’s sort of the John Wayne of the family, a rough cowboy with an incredible talent for the grill. I felt bad for him today because he made steaks and they didn’t turn out the way a “Smitty Steak” normally does, I’ve seen his track record and I’m certain it was just Walmart meat sucking. I am digressing though, my point is that tonight during that most unholy of experiences he voiced his opinions of politics and I found myself not cringing. He’s a smart man and a character that I’m always pleased to be around.

I don’t know what else to talk about, I named this post because of a comment during the Politicaust, where a relative blamed the debt on Obamacare (you can judge the quality of a conversation by the amount of buzz words it contains), I thought about the cost of a single bombing run and just how many runs we perform on any strike. The cost of ammunition, tanks, planes, ships, and all the fuel that entails. What does that net you? Healthcare nets you a healthier population which translates into a more consistent workforce which generates tax money which can be used to pay for the Healtcare, it is a beautiful system that is even more beautiful when you consider the necessity of cheaper prescription costs and the greater regulatory power of these sorts of systems.

Could it be abused and ruined? Surely. But so can, and do, weapons of war, I would much prefer the system be one that extends and improves life than one that ends life. So I suppose I’d prefer the bang for my buck be figurative instead of literal.

Tomorrow will be our first vacation day that is spent primarily relaxing, I plan to absorb it like Majin Buu. I’m only really not looking forward to the flight home at this point, the TSA is something of a black mark on our country. It’s the manifestation of a cowardice that I don’t think any society should accept or support.

Benjamin Franklin

This is his “For real?” Face.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

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