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    • Ignotus:

      Isn’t desensitization passive? What active choice should we make? Should we challenge such ignorance or accept that it is an inescapable part of our social spectrum? Taze one and two more rise up.

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      Unfortunately when you just ignore a destructive personality such as that you just bide its time before it does something truly terrible and someone gets hurt.

      Isolationism is a terrible way to run a country and a terrible way to live a life. I highly doubt that if folks were held accountable for their douchebaggery that they’d be so free wheeling about it.

      That’s why the internet has such an intense level of crassness to it, people assume they are anonymous and cannot be punished so they act without abandon.

      As the Hollow Man said “It is amazing what you can do when you don’t have to see yourself in the morning.”

      I do agree that the world overall is beautiful as that poem mentions, I also feel it could be moreso as long as people realize that their actions have consequences :). A feeling of invulnerability leads to very bad things.

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