The DITGLA Project

//The DITGLA Project

The DITGLA Project

  I’ll be writing the next post to my Pokemon guide tomorrow. Tonight we had to go shopping which ate up most of my time. If you thought yesterday’s post was typotastic, doing one now would be absolutely hilarious. I’ll be editing yesterday’s post at some time also. The next post will be about Breeding and how to maximize your returns from breeding.

  Until then I suppose today I’ll describe my new plans. Well old plans that I’m finally going to go for, recording my drives to and from work. I’ve been practicing talking while driving to see if I could manage something and make it interesting. I think it can be done and I’m excited to give it a try. So expect something, interesting not guaranteed, soon on that front.

  I saw an accident involving 6 cars, a few police, and a shit ton of road flares yesterday which told me that it was time to do this. Plus I need to always be improving my social skills and even talking alone is better than nothing. I’ll be calling it “DITGLA” which stands for “Driving in the Greater LA Area.”

  Hoping to get more than 0 episodes out of the DITGLA project. But who knows! Failure is just life’s way of telling me to try harder, not necessarily the same thing, but in general, try harder.

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