The Holidays

//The Holidays

The Holidays

  Naturally my major gift today is being lazy. I actually did end up working some today as I didn’t want to leave someone screwed. But I didn’t mind, I enjoy what I do and that makes it acceptable. As for my haul for gifts that will be two fold, first the gifts from my in-laws come today (shown below) and Saturday will be the gifts from my parents (which are equally awesome).


So many things!

  And though my wife would kill me if I posted any pictures of her, I’ll post a few of our cats instead. The first naturally comes in a moment of great pain for me today.

Moose brings the pain.

  Oh the agony!

Is tasty!

  Those are of Artemis (Moose) and then we have a few of Venus, the gentler of my two babies.

I like this paper bed. Thanks.

Her natural laying position.

  You can often find her sprawled out around the house. Good times. Anywho that’s it for me! I’m off to rest and try not be up too late! We’ll see how that pans out…

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