The Human Body ~ A Lonely Island

//The Human Body ~ A Lonely Island

The Human Body ~ A Lonely Island

  As I ramp up my writing muscles for a bit of late night fiction I will first banter to you all about something I find a bit interesting. I’ve mentioned before that the human body is almost literally a universe, all multicellular organisms are. The idea of the multiverse is hardly unbelievable and it already exists. We within a universe that is itself containing another universe or two (or many more, my knowledge of the quantum make up of the known is limited).


  Each person is a functional universe with more of their body playing host to things that aren’t them than things that are. If we pulled apart the various biological Lego that make up your person we would find out that the majority of it is in fact not you, it is a vast life scape of various flora. The fluids of your body make up the space that these things exist within, the physical framework of your innards make up the planets and other debris.

  Each one of us has the power to transfer the life that lives within us to other universes, a cough, a sneeze, or an unfortunate spurt of blood. In this act the life that only ever knew us traverses the space between the universes that make up its functional environment and inhabits a new one.

  When you die the life within you is introduced to your own personal heat death. Your body cools, the matter that makes it up falls apart and all life within is likely to die. Your remains will be dined upon by those things that live on the universe above your own, worms, other bacteria, and just the natural decay of matter.

  Our own universe feels like a lonely island lost in the middle of ultimate nothingness stretching on infinitely with no hope of respite. The last seconds of our universe are thought to be the ultimate end, a deep darkness at the very lows of cold. Further inward we see the Planet Earth, a lonely island lost in the middle of vast darkness. For nearly every person who has ever lived this planet is just as limited and ultimate as the universe that houses it.

  Further still we go to the bodies of macro organisms themselves. Each a lonely island separated by spans of distance, relative to bacteria, magnificent and truly extreme. For a living thing that is merely a micron long that foot between you and the nearest person in your car is 300,000 times their size. Bring that up to a human scale and that’s like being 340 miles away, now imagine two human bodies that are a mile apart and suddenly you are the relative human distance of 30,000 miles.

[ Edit: It occurred to me while I was writing elsewhere that this isn’t even truly what I meant to convey. You would take the scale of a bacterium, 1 micron, and then you take the distance between them and blow that up to the human level to truly grasp how far away each one is from one another. The math is ok but I’m sure any professional mathematician is head desking as they see me fubar a fairly simple bit of imagery. ]

  Indeed we are each lonely islands and only a truly powerful act can transfer the life from our body to another. The power of a sneeze relative to a bacterium is extremely fantastic. This too translates to the human level and the amount of energy theoretically needed to break from our lonely island to the next is fantastic and utterly extreme. You would need the energy equivalent of billions of stars, objects that are so large that literally nobody you have ever spoken to can truly appreciate or comprehend their size.

  Nobody? Yes, nobody.

  The smaller the universe you examine the more approachable the energy necessary to traverse relatively great distances. Get down to something that has absolutely no mass and suddenly you are traveling across the many universes we can appreciate at speeds that are instant to the human eye and brain.

  So in a sense I can appreciate the idea of the multiverse because it is something I , and you, already live within. We are a universe within a universe and the life within us is the universe of the life within it. Perhaps if we ever do discover means to travel from universe to universe we will find that just as the ingredients to all that we know now seems to be the same that the matter that makes all things in all directions for all time does too share the same miniscule progenitor.

  We are pattern obsessed creatures and this is something I can appreciate at times like now.

  Off I go! Thank you for letting me eat up a few minutes of your day.

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