The Inevitable Extinction of Racism

//The Inevitable Extinction of Racism

The Inevitable Extinction of Racism

  So if you didn’t know I’m pretty white, I’m white enough that folks think I’ve got a house made of gold but poor enough that I have a panic attack every time I see a police officer. It’s an interesting paradigm and it has from time to time got me thinking about race. I could use this block today to discuss the interesting demographic layout of my region and the absolute nightmare that is the local Costco, but I feel that these things would be so outlandish that you’d need to experience it to truly believe me.

  Instead I would like to discuss something a little different but a bit more easy for anyone to relate to. I do believe that racism, institutionalized racism specifically, dooms those who institutionalize it. This isn’t a matter of it being karma or the noble uprising of those disenfranchised, this is a simple and possibly poetic twist of fate.

  What I’m about to discuss is on the topic of race and uses generalities, because of that at least a few folks are going to read this and literally crap fire because it dares to suggest certain things as true. For the most part these averages and generalities are actually about income levels but because the racism is institutionalized that means that these tropes show up in specific racial groups more than others. It isn’t that being X racially makes you more prone to Y, it is your income level and that of the people around you that makes it more likely. Hope that clears that up.

  The concept is actually extremely simple, institutionalized racism has a single goal and that goal is to undermine the quality of life of a group considered inferior. This is usually achieved by reducing the availability of jobs, education, and social services. What you are hoping to achieve with this system is to create environmental situations that enhance the odds of those disenfranchised becoming more violent and crime oriented, because you want them to fulfill your stereotypes of them. This is crucial is extremely common even in the modern US. If you were ever curious why the elected republicans try so hard to keep minorities in poverty, now you know why. [ Also frankly there is big business in racism, keeping minorities in prison is huge money for politicians ].

  Now when you provide people more opportunities, education and wealth, they are far less likely to have children, they will have those children at an older age and in lower quantities. Now I only linked a single article on the topic but you can easily find hundreds, if not thousands, of studies in colleges and interested organizations that support this.

  The reason for this is probably what was deduced near the end of the above link, children make it quite difficult for a woman to complete her education unless she is supremely wealthy. There are plenty of other more sarcastic (and incorrect) reasons given by bigots but frankly they suck at life so lets not discuss them.

  Now here is the humor and the self-defeating nature of racism, the group that betters their lot in life has less children on average. The people they ruin end up having more children on average. What you then have is a waiting game, eventually the racists in that region will be outnumbered by the people they belittled and they will be removed from power or continue to vanish into obscurity.

  But don’t think this isn’t obvious in nations with such government sponsored hate, there are continual and persistent attempts to curb the rise to power of those groups that are belittled. Did you notice, for instance, how no state was paying attention to “voter fraud” until a black man took office? This wasn’t a coincidence, once it became apparent that a minority member (eg. a person within the group meant to be demeaned) took the presidency they needed to find a way to stop this from happening again.

Woops! That was a bit too blunt!

  Election fraud is what you’ll start seeing more of. You’ll also see services that aid minorities being cut, have you wondered why planned parenthood, PBS, and social welfare programs are being attacked? It’s not a coincidence and it isn’t even because they need more money for rich people, it is because it starves the beast. You remove programs that might stop minorities in disenfranchised regions from staying out of trouble and you increase spending in the areas that will make use of this (military recruits them or the prisons contain them).

  It is tough to say how well it will work now, I do believe the population disparity will shift far faster than these hateful people (which I annoyingly get lumped into) will be able to shift power. All the money in the world isn’t very helpful when you push a little too hard on hundreds of millions of individuals. Plenty of headless powerful people would attest to that if they could.

  It’s only a matter of time.

  My only hope is that those minorities who find themselves now a part of a group large enough to oppress will not make the same mistakes. The line of dying young as a hero or living long enough to see yourself become the villain is appropriate here. A big part of the damage comes from racial pride, there is a wise reason to why white pride is frowned upon. However that same rational should be seen as equally appropriate for all races.

  You should never be proud of things you cannot control, your gender, your eye color, your race, and  even your place of birth. You should never take credit in events you did not control, I did not defeat Germany anymore than a black person my age overcame slavery. One should enjoy their history, enjoy culture, enjoy the things that make them unique, but they should never look to them as a source of motivation.

  I shouldn’t want to enter politics because I’m white, I should want to do it because I care about people and want to see the nation better. A person shouldn’t join an organization merely because its “what you do as that race”, this just perpetuates problems and creates greater schisms.

  Be proud of who you are, be happy with what you are. Do not ignore that racism exists, but do not perpetuate it. Racism is not merely a negative thing, treating yourself special because of your race is no less wrong. It may not feel it, we all love good feelings and feeling special, but it can only lead to one outcome. Eventually if you lived long enough you’d see someone awfully familiar staring at you in the 13 second video above.

  Someone clouded by pride, deluded by wealth, and ultimately wrongheaded.

  Racism inevitably consumes the racists if it becomes institutionalized, which is as it should be. Their numbers dwindle and the numbers of those oppressed grow, a balance is found. One hopes that someday people will treat one another well because they are people, not treat race as a competition (and hopefully not treat politics as one either).

  So that’s that, I’m sure you can find data online about the likely point that rich white folks will be outnumbered. You’ll also notice, if you are vigilant, how much more frantically they will begin adding new things to law to make the shift of power slower. Super PACs were another knee jerk response to the sudden paradigm shift of the Presidency, if they do not die a quick death they’ll slow progress quite a lot.

  One of these days I may discuss sociopolitical differences and the power of wealth, groups are mostly stupid but it is a fun thing to think about. The differences between Sheldon Adelson and any middle class white person are so grandiose that it would boggle the mind. But holy frijoles I’m getting off topic.

  I better run now before I start into another post in this one…

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