Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.30 ~ Matter Converter I Update, Oops Table, & File Formatting Changes!

I am not a fun of messy folders! So today during some downtime I went through and reorganized my file formats and folder setup to provide myself with a much cleaner and more efficient system! Does this help you? Well it kind of does because if I can work quicker and more efficiently I’ll get out more updates in a faster fashion!

The major addition this time is the “Oops Table”! This fabulous green object helps us fix any broken items that are made by my mod and in the future it can be used to transition from other mods that do something that I do but don’t do everything that I do.

I was updating my formatting today to make my files easier to create and catalogue and noticed that it broke the items in inventories! This is unacceptable! So I came up with a profoundly simple solution, which is my favorite kind of solution. The Oops table converts “perfectly generic items” into mod items! Did I break your matter manipulator? Go to your Oops table and get it back! Want to uninstall my mod? You can buy the original unmodded matter manipulator for a single dirt! Did my mod add something another mod did? You can uninstall their mod and convert their now broken items into mine with the Oops table! Perfect Modularity and simplicity! It works a bit on the honor system, but if you “cheat” and want to revert your cheating you can always just buy the original matter manipulator and “reset” your MM progress! I usually won’t break my items but this was very important.
Current Items on the Oops Table List:

  • Matter Manipulator ~ 1 Dirt
  • Matter Manipulator I – VI ~ 1 Perfectly Generic Item
  • Matter Converter I – II ~ 1 Perfectly Generic Item

I adore the functionality of this table and it means that most changes are perfectly safe for me to do. You’ll also notice the new image for the Matter Converter I! That’s something! It doesn’t have the shielding of the II model which means that the output is not as good. We can’t kill our customers after all.

I’ve also removed the “MK” from all my items. It was taking up too much space and adding a few extra KB that aren’t necessary. Whenever I can keep the mod smaller AND textually cleaner I’ll be doing so. We’ll see what comes in the next update!

You can find the download here.

Alternatively I have it mirrored here.