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  1. FonZ420

    the problem is that u cant just train a level 1 like that, it will ruin the EVs and your time getting a reset bag… better just train them with horde battles and get EVs + Levels untill it has 510 evs and then run the league once for the remaining levels, ull end around level 40-45, then you go to the battle chatau, pay for the best power ups, get money boost and exp boost from o-powers, get coin amulet, kill the audino teams of around level 65, they got 3 audinos and they give around 15-20k exp each, giving you 60k in a battle, and the other trainers there have level 65ish pokes, and gives lots of money. imo, that is the best way, also cause its all close to the daycare for ur eggs and stuff.

    • It has been an awful long time since I last played Pokemon but I do actually remember playing in the Battle Chateau for a while. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you but from what I recall there is just no comparing the two.

      What I highly recommend is the following:

      1) Get all the EV items from the end game battle place (that gives BP).
      2) Use an EV guide to get all your EVs perfect in 2-5 ish fights.
      3) Take those perfect EV Pokemon to the diner like above. Use the amulet, turn on the EXP and Money O-Powers.
      4) Cap out during your lunch with more money than you know what to do with.

      The reason I don’t specify that above is that almost nobody gets a perfect IV team their first go around. The first team you use to beat the Elite 4 (and level your better Pokemon) is rarely perfect. The thing to remember is that the O-Powers in the BC only last for a couple fights. In the Restaurant you’ll have them for the full 5 fights. Similarly the time it takes to wipe the 3 opposing Pokemon 5 times is 5 moves (usually) maybe 6. It’s by far the fastest option.

      As for eggs, you aren’t walking around enough for that to matter while leveling. I just ride in a circle at the center of Lumiose City (put a coin under the stick) when hatching. It’s automatic and fast.

      But again, glad you found something that works for you. If you test the two side by side you’ll find that your strategy is not only many parted but also considerably slower if you’ve got a sweeper in your 2nd Team Slot. Speaking as someone who leveled probably two dozen pokemon at the BC before he moved to Lumiose I can attest to it being slower even in the most ideal situation.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • FonZ420

        if you just do like me, and get a ton of friends that are online, then you can just take o-powers from them and have a infinite time of money and exp boost, so yes, battle chatau is much faster then that cafe.

        you can eaily compare the too, but it seems like you just dont have a lot of friends playing pokemon with you…

        • Ah the internet. The flaw in your guide is that it requires people to have “enough friends to have infinite o-powers”.

          I’m not going to say I outright think you are lying, but the logistics of you having that many friends and writing your last sentence are pretty slim. People need to be socially adept in order to have lots of friends.

          Even with infinite o-powers your alternative is flawed and too complex. It hinges on too many factors while simultaneously being at best only a small percentage faster (which it isn’t).

          Again I appreciate your input but at this point I don’t have much else to say to you.

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