The literal absolute best way to grind money and exp in Pokémon X and Y.

//The literal absolute best way to grind money and exp in Pokémon X and Y.

The literal absolute best way to grind money and exp in Pokémon X and Y.

Today was quite productive. Caught up on writing and I’m really liking where it is going. I think I’m going to talk about Pokémon X and Y a bit for either the next couple of days or just today. We’ll see how well my memory works. Today lets talk about the best way to make money and level your team. You might be saying to yourself “wait you have one easy method to get both experience and money?”

Yep! Same exact way! First lets start with the materials. What do you need to do this? First you’ll want to get 2 different O-Powers.

  Exp. Point Power is important for…exp. You can find it at the Hotel in Cyllage City.

  Prize Money Power is important for…money. You can find it at the Pokémon Center in Anistar City.

At least one Pokémon with an AOE attack. Your legendary from the story should be perfect.

Once you have these two use your flying Pokémon to fly you to the center of Lumios. This will take you to the Pokémon center near the central plaza. This is convenient because you’ll be walking between here and the 3 Star Café. I suppose I should warn you that the Pokémon you’ll be fighting at level 60 ish. But by now that’s probably not a problem.


Original Map from Potato.

  Alright so by now you have your full team and are standing just outside the Pokémon Center near the middle of Lumiose. Walk into the central Plaza and walk to your left until you reach Hibernal Avenue (the second big exit after the Pokémon center). Walk a bit down the avenue until you find the 3 Star Restaurant which is easy to locate because its black and has 3 stars on it.

Personally I used Yveltal for this but you can use any strong Pokémon with an AOE attack. You don’t NEED this but it is good for cutting down your grind time. Set your sweeper to the 2nd slot on your team (top right of the Pokémon party list).

Before you speak to the waitress at the counter either do level 3 EXP O-Power and Level 1 Money or vice versa. One combo will give you double the exp per fight (which is astoundingly high) and the other will give you double the money. If you make sure to put a lucky charm or amulet coin on one of your first 3 Pokémon you’ll be rolling in cash. You might think I’m exaggerating by saying rolling but trust me, your avatar will be limping in agony from carrying all the money you make from this.

Once those are activated speak with the woman and (I recommend) you use triple battle. This is because if you set up your Pokémon moves correctly you can just press A over and over without looking. Each fight is only 3 Pokémon and the money+exp is as good or better than anywhere else in the entire game.

Rinse and repeat to your desire. You’ll have all the level 100 Pokémon you want in a matter of hours (you’ll see what I mean, its incredibly fast) and if you go the money route you’ll have millions of money in even less time. Not only do you make back your 90K (assuming maximum style) in 2 fights with level 3 money power you get even MORE money on top of that PLUS mushrooms that you can sell for bank. I’m often selling 500K to 900K in mushrooms without realizing I’ve gathered that many.

This is by far the best method to level and make money in the game. It’s faster than the elite 4, faster than the battle chateau and I didn’t even mention the best part.

Your O-powers don’t run out until you finish the entire sequence of fights! No more 3 minutes and gone! You get 4 (5?) straight fights at 60K, 60K, 20K, 20K, (20K?) + mushrooms to sell (with level 3 O-Power).

If you get a max level legendary with a sweeper (like Yveltal with Snarl) you can actually put nothing but low level Pokémon on your team and power level them. 1-20 ish (depends on Pokémon type, bug require less exp, dragons more, etc.) in a single fight and just keeps on racing from there.

As of writing this article I have 4.8 million moneyz, the entire central pokedex done, half of coastal and mountain done, and almost all of this is because of this diner. Go try it! You’ll love it. The best part is that you can do it while doing other things so it isn’t even intrusive (like the chateau would be with all that walking).

Finally a thank you to PsychoBeast who sent me a Torchic with Pokerus today :). It’s not as helpful as it once was but it still is cool to have!

ps. Someone sent me a level 32 Combusken that knew nothing but endure…touché.


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