The Mistake of the Media and Murders

//The Mistake of the Media and Murders

The Mistake of the Media and Murders

  So I’m sure everyone has seen the troglodyte that shot those folks in Arizona. A Hodgepodge of genes that should have never been strung together grown like a plant in the garden window. This I think is the root of a very big problem with the Media and our response to extreme dickery.

  Killers may be mentally unstable, they may be white, black, Latino, male, woman, 4 armed, or have knives for hair. At the end of the day “what” they are does not bring back the people who they killed, tortured, or maimed. This should be the most irrelevant information in the world. What we should be learning about is “who” they are. What series of life events sent them down the path to what they did.

  Worse still this glorification of destruction. We put this smirking asshole all over every television station that has a news show. Smirking back at the audience victories with the accomplishments he’s made. Knowing that while some people spend their entire lives helping hundreds of thousands of people all he had to do was shoot up a Safeway and now he’s famous. His face is well known by millions of people now.

  Why do we do this? Why do we show the images of these idiots on television every time they kill someone. If we haven’t caught them that is one thing, but this guy was already under arrest. It served no other purpose than to glorify him, to make him a macabre hero. The media in America basically worships villains, they put them on television for half an hour at a time, ignoring all the other stories of the day. Even discussing their victims less than them.

  Overall I know very little about this man other than he’s white, looks like a gremlin, he murders people, and he has a bee in his bonnet about how his college didn’t hand him the world. This helps me in absolutely no way, it helps nobody in any way. That’s actually a bit disingenuous, it does help advertisers because it gets all the American’s with a morbid interest in these actions together which is a boom for ratings.

  Perhaps, the next time a madman guns down a bunch of people we can all step back and look at it rationally. Be more concerned with their history, recent events, and the core of who they are. I’m getting tired of being told how a person of X race has killed people of Y gender and Z race. The most uncontrollable of our lives should not be the primary topics of conversation.

  You can’t change the raw physical “What” to you, but you can change and truly understand the “Who” to you. The “Who” should be the most important factor in our very being because it is our very being. We will never make progress in any part of our world if we continue to self gratify our “what”.

  To anyone skeptical, it’s not because he’s white. Had he been any other race and they’d plastered his face on every station (as they do) I’d be equally furious. Even Bin Laden has gotten more face time on television than just about any other current person. There are people saving lives, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and being truly kind…these folks get washed to the side for a half witted asshole every time.

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