The Nuclear Douchebag

//The Nuclear Douchebag

The Nuclear Douchebag

  So apparently Congress passed something that isn’t terrible. I find it awfully strange that it is called the “Nuclear Option”. Basically what happened is that for most things all you need to pass the law is 51% of the vote. This is also known as “How it was supposed to be.” I’m not certain at the moment but I think that’s how it was for ages.

  The other tidbit of news is Trey Radel has been caught using cocaine. I say caught because he’s the fella who pushed testing for welfare recipients because he believed it was obscene that anyone could get government funding while abusing illicit substances. I have nothing against folks using drugs but own up. If you are for it, be for it, don’t hurt others for doing the very thing you are doing.

Of the 4,086 applicants who scheduled drug tests while the law was enforced, 108 people, or 2.6 percent, failed, most often testing positive for marijuana. About 40 people scheduled tests but canceled them, according to the Department of Children and Families, which oversees Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, known as the TANF program.

The numbers, confirming previous estimates, show that taxpayers spent $118,140 to reimburse people for drug test costs, at an average of $35 per screening.

The state’s net loss? $45,780.

“That’s not counting attorneys and court fees and the thousands of hours of staff time it took to implement this policy,” Newton said.

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  I’d write more but naturally I’m a wee bit sleepy.


This is what a douchebag looks like.

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