The Pitch ~ What I have currently.

//The Pitch ~ What I have currently.

The Pitch ~ What I have currently.


The fabric of Bellum is unraveling. Generations of lies have boiled over and birthed a great evil. But all may not be lost — from these mistakes comes another.

Deki awakens from the nothing, battered and beaten to near death. His first moments are those of raw flesh and wrought iron. He is thought a monster, and only by the good grace of the town mayor does he survive the night.

Deki is lost, a peculiar blue creature in a world of humans. To the mayor he is a blessing; to the guard captain, a sign of dark times. Deki wishes so much for the mayor to be correct.

But the darkness has other ideas. Each night Deki is plagued with nightmares of people he’s never met and of places he’s never been. He tells the mayor of his dreams and comes to a startling discovery: these people and places are real.

Are the horrors he sees real as well? Each nightmare grows closer with the passing nights, and with every morning a new revelation brings worry. Can Deki discover the truth behind these visions? Can he stop the impending darkness? Or will Deki soon find himself watching his own friends die?

How long before it’s him staring lifelessly at the stars?

These nightmares are not all darkness, and strange things begin to happen to Deki. A long dormant power churns within him, begging to be free.

Will this power save him from the evil that approaches? Or, will it be Deki who destroys this world?

BIRTH OF THE WYRD MAGE tells of the beginnings of the most powerful force on Scion.

  This is what I’ve got. I’ve submitted it for aid on the Amazon website. What are your thoughts? Does it make you want to read the story?

Do it for Kitty :o!

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