The Potty, The Roll, and the Brain.

//The Potty, The Roll, and the Brain.

The Potty, The Roll, and the Brain.

  I get really impressed by some simple things. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but it is worth repeating. Have you ever found yourself in the bathroom and realizing when it is far too late that you do not have toilet paper? I was most certainly in that situation. At the time it was the first time it had ever happened in our current home. The rolls were in the cupboard across the bathroom because our cat loves to treat them like mice.

  I could reach the cupboard edge with my hand and open it that way (much like opening a door by the backside near the hinges when it is not clicked shut). I couldn’t reach anything inside with my hands without getting up and this was just not happening. I would not suffer such horrors.

  Without more than a second of thought I took my shirt and fashioned it into a net. That is to say I swung it unrolled at the roll. It landed on top of the roll and with a single tug I sent the roll rocketing towards me like a falling star. As I sat there holding it in my hand I had this moment of reflection. How strange it is that our brain can do something like that. A completely unique situation nearly instantaneously solved using fragments of knowledge from other incidents in the past.

  How remarkable a thing that likely goes unnoticed or unappreciated by the average participant. In our everyday we experience these little moments, strange and unknown, and we solve them with such great speed that they fly right under our collective radars.

  You don’t expect a beautiful moment to unfold on the toilet. But sometimes the marvelous nature of nature shows itself in the most unusual of places.



  I watch a fair amount of YouTube videos and decided I’m going to start ending (or peppering) my posts with videos I’ve watched that are either relevant or interesting. Today’s is a short one that lead into this post.

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