The Tale of the Great Cat Cave God ~ Artemis

//The Tale of the Great Cat Cave God ~ Artemis

The Tale of the Great Cat Cave God ~ Artemis

  This past week we had a power outage, PGnE or whatever they are called here, decided it was a good time to get some things fixed. Our power was out from around 9:30 AM till 3:30 PM or so. Luckily we took our showers early so that only real hurdle was out of the way, we stayed home because our garage is electric and partially because it felt a bit like a snowless snow day.

  All my devices were on red or dead, no phone, no 3DS, no Tablet. I was stranded in the world of no power and my conventional sources of entertainment had dried up. It would only be later that Liz would remind me of the PSVita, but the Michael that played that during the power outage is in a universe removed from our own.

  I wandered after a bit, did some cleaning, and then came across a most fortuitous situation. On the floor of our second bedroom I found that I had both a blanket and our Kitten Artemis. You might not know it by looking at her but one of her favorite places in the world is hidden beneath a bedsheet or blanket, she will go to great lengths to get in those locations and it seems to me that she has quit an imagination once she does.

  Legs become serpents that must be defeated, monsters lurk on the surface of this malleable cave and she will go to great lengths to defend her cave and try to vanquish them. But that day when I tossed the blanket up into the air and it draped down over her I had an idea, spontaneity had gripped me, perhaps the madness of losing those mental leeches to the world of power anemia.

  I tugged the blanket up on the side closest to me and made a little cave entrance. I then gathered little objects from around the second room and began placing them one at a time at the opening of the cave. “Oh Great Cat Lord Artemis! Do you accept this offering!” I would say, after a few moments I’d see a little white paw reach out like a hungry hungry hippo and drag the offering into her cave. There she would give it a good munch or two to check the quality.

  This went on for quite a while, I laid down on the floor like a human snail and offered up gifts in hopes of appeasing her. Each time she’d reach out and grasp it, each time I’d say my chant, and the process would begin again. It was therapeutic, entertaining, and one of the better times I’ve had in a long time. I will sound quite contradictory the next time I lavish praise upon a video game but I haven’t experienced that level of contentment in sometime.

  My favorite reflective point was that at no time during this chanting and offerings did my wife come see what I was doing. She may not have heard me but I like to think that it seemed like a plausible conclusion to my day. “That sounds like something he would do.” being her thought.

  I would later show her my game on the short hallway between our bedrooms and the stairs leading down to the living room. She seemed as pleased by the idea as I was, and for good reason, this little adventure paired up two of mine (and perhaps our) favorite things, intrigue and our kittens.

  Venus too is a cave kitten, she loves to lurk in the areas most dark and cool. Staring out with her golden eyes at all, I like to think in her mind the lion king scene plays out. Everywhere the ceiling lights touch is her kingdom, she merely monitors it. If unsatisfactory she will appear and little chirps will fill the air.

  If you have kittens and the power goes out, perhaps you too can try the cave game. I don’t know how imaginative your kittens are but Artemis at least has quite a vivid imagination. If you poke her while she’s under the sheet she will let out panicked meows, seemingly as though such an interaction is impossible. How could someone reach through the impenetrable walls of this cave and poke me?! I am in my safe place, impervious, master of my domain!

  In description if may seem like personification, objectively it probably is, but if you saw it you would come to the same conclusion.

  So that became my day without power, cool air, mostly silence, me, a kitty, and a blanket. A simple adventure that played out more interesting and unpredictable than many across multi million dollar fantasy worlds. And at the end of it all the gift of seeing her beautiful eyes expand in wonder at each new treat.

  That’s a feeling we all deserve, and seeing it in anything at all feels great.


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