The Ultimate Month ~ December

//The Ultimate Month ~ December

The Ultimate Month ~ December

Language is a funny thing. You might have read that header and thought to yourself “This guy really likes December.” I suppose you wouldn’t be far off from the truth. December is so powerful that even the awful hellscape that is Southern California calms for a brief respite.

But I mean Ultimate as in “What comes after Penultimate.” This is the end of 2016. We now stare down the final 31 days. I personally want to do something fun with it. I don’t quite know what yet. The first thing that I plan to do is completely cut out my time on chat rooms and comment sections. I’m starting that as of the posting of this entry. I’ll still use Discord specifically for pseudo work related conversation (room with a couple people) but otherwise nothing.

Twitter will be simply to glance at the most recent art and continue dishing out the likes that I so enjoy giving. But baiting comments, contrived perceptions about the machinations of the world, or outright trolling, I’m going to be ignoring it all for the end of the year. I just might cut out Twitter as well, but we’ll see.

I would like to make some things this month. While I reached the word count for NaNoWriMo this was the least pleasant time I’ve had in the entire four years I’ve been going at it. I would like to spruce up this website as well as They both need work and more frequent updating.

I’m also considering shutting off comments for this website specifically. I realize that I want to use this more as a medium to express myself. I have no illusions that I understand the world. But for me talking about things is a means of catharsis. Luckily basically everyone that visits is already just a lurker, which means that nothing will be lost by this change.

Basically, I can’t use this place to empty out my brain if I’m concerned that around the corner is crazy. And given the absolute insanity I’ve bumped into elsewhere, I just don’t wish to deal with it. It’s a numbers game and invariably you will stumble across an agitated animal.

I wonder if wordpress has any kind of convenient archiving systems. I don’t necessarily want to lose my old content but I’d love to clean this place up. It’s a very cluttered mess.

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