The Universe and Everything in 650 words or less.

//The Universe and Everything in 650 words or less.

The Universe and Everything in 650 words or less.

  I am super tired, like holy shit my eyelids are two anvils strolling down my face. I can barely keep them open and sensory information is a wash. Given this stupor what can we talk about? Have you ever thought about how strange it is that we are living in a bubble? It’s a visual bubble but it is very real.

  Visible light has only traveled out so far. At the absolute best we could potentially see light that is 13.82 billion years old but that isn’t even necessarily true. The inflation means that the oldest light may not have yet reached us. We are also moving in high speed through an incredible vast sea of darkness. Every speck of light ever made couldn’t hope to flood the skies, they are truly daunting.

  But did you ever think about how strange it is that most people call the visible universe the “universe”. It’s such a common misconception that you never really hear people say “visible universe” when they are talking about space, the birth of existence, or anything similar.

  We have absolutely no idea what is out there. The universe has no edge, there is no end as far as we can tell. If you went to the edge of our visible universe instantly and then looked around your new universe would begin from that point and stretch out in every direction for some duration of time.

  Heck you might see something extremely strange at the edge of our visible universe, it is entirely possible that we are living in a little space bubble. An eggshell universe that is one of countless many others. That cluster of universes could go out in every direction both on the x and y but additionally the z axis. There is no reason to think this isn’t the case either.

  Dark Matter or Dark Energy could be a result of these many neighbors tapping up against us or pulling away from us. The “spaces” between these space clusters might be torqueing entire galaxies like the moons of Jupiter. The heat of Io could be happening on universe sized scales. With a universe being torn in two by the combined tugs of neighboring universes contracting to either side of it.

  That separation splits it like a embryo. Two new cells, each full of extremely hot plasma, expanding off at breakneck speed. Each perhaps a little bit different, their internal makeups maybe similar…but maybe entirely unique.

  We could very well be not only in an eggshell cluster, but an actual egg, that egg that has no edge and yet it splits asunder from the great tugging force of other equally infinite neighboring bodies. If at all true, one could wonder what might be the constituent thing all these bits comprise.

  Maybe each of these universes is not an egg, but the splitting cells within the egg. And with enough splitting the final entity will be complete. Organic, or not, chemical, or not, existing within time, or not.

  Even the less existential outcome of many molten pebbles cooling on the sea bed of eternity can still fill the mind with wonder. It can still remind us that we are infinitesimally small, a word I’m glad to say I spelled correctly on the first go, but even that grand accomplishment is but a fleck of dust.

  We are motes of dust atop a mote of dust. The greatest most thing that we can jot down is still smaller than what likely exists. Variables, letters, numbers, and even the most broadly encompassing ideas are always incomplete. They require supreme and utter vagueness to even hope to encapsulate all things.

  They must become entirely devoid of data, entirely devoid of meaning, to even hope of reaching unity.

  Which might be where Quantum entanglement raises its head, smiles at you sweetly, and asks if you’d like to talk over some tea.


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