The value of online journals and the fifty second window.

//The value of online journals and the fifty second window.

The value of online journals and the fifty second window.

The average person spends 50 seconds on my website. Initially I thought about this and was mildly disappointed. Disappointment might be part of my life philosophy but it also leads to the more enjoyable part of my life: thinking. I began to wonder if there was anything I could divine from this information?

  If the average person is spending 50 seconds on my website that means I should presume they read at the average speed a person can read. Keller (named after the famed reader, Hellen Keller [that’s a lie]), states that the average person can read 250 to 300 words a minute. This works out to about 40-50 words every ten seconds. We can further average that out to 45 words per ten seconds or 270 words per minute for the average reader. With this information I can actually figure out when people stop reading on average. At the end of this sentence I’ve written 158 words. Seeing as most readers don’t stay here for a full minute (only 5/6ths of a minute) I’ve got less than 67 words before they’ll have evacuated.

  I should probably make them count. But what could I say in 67 words that would count? What is counting really? An arbitrary conceptualization of a fundamental observation.

  Do I really feel like anything beyond that 225 word mark is wasted?

  Alright, by now they are gone. The truth is I don’t feel like any of this is wasted. Every noun, verb, and adjective feels wonderful. There is nothing superfluous about keeping a journal and there is nothing narcissistic about making it public. What we do matters as much as it will ever not matter. All things appreciate and depreciate exactly as much as we allow them. What you make of that realization is what defines you ultimately.

  Do you need validation? What does validation really bring? There are obvious monetary gains which I won’t snub my nose at. The opportunity to be remembered. To be sewn into the genetic fabric of society. Where our ancestors once passed down folk tales some people leave their mark. Their bodies may decay and their minds may be long lost but they are in some ways cloned into the very neurons of the future.

  Still life is finite. As far as we can tell the universe is finite. All value is temporary and subjective. This provides the end user an incredible level of power. With all value subjective you can make any act in your life invaluable. Cherish what you do, even if people never get to see it. 

And in the spirit of finite resources I’m better get going. I need to finish my story writing before midnight.

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