The Worthy of Worship Paradox

//The Worthy of Worship Paradox

The Worthy of Worship Paradox

Update: I’ve been mulling it over and perhaps “Worthy” is not the word I’m looking for. So a possible alternative to the original shorthand is as follows:

Possible Alternative Shorthand:

Any god that demands worship does not deserve Worship.

The basic idea here is that anything that demands worship, respect, or special treatment does not deserve these things. You earn these things, just like you should earn punishment and not be given it by default. So this is a possible alternative. I will mull the point over further but the original point still stands. Anyone who demands your allegiance does not deserve your company nor aid.


The original Shorthand:

Any god that requires worship is not worthy of Worship.

Wow so I had this super long post written out about the above line. But I deleted the whole thing like a pissed off Marvel villain and am now rewriting it much more succinctly. It’ll still look long but it is much shorter than before…

I am technically an Athiest*, I started off my life as one, for a few hours was Agnostic, and have since then been Athiest. (During that Agnostic portion I was curious if perhaps there was a supreme being and that being was just completely malicious, more on that some other time).

I do not worry about being an Athiest for a very simple reason. I believe that there is no supreme deity. But even beyond that, if by some weird series of events I come to die and find out there is a god I will still be in no way worried. But why? Well the shorthand above explains it fairly simply.

I would never want someone to leave their kids, their friends, or anyone they care about in the care of someone less accepting of people than I am. I am far from perfect and I can be pretty mean at times but even with that I’m happy to say there are few ways a person can end up on my bad side. It requires time and dedication to make me dislike a person for longer than a few minutes.

Certainly would take an enormous amount of activity to elicit being stranded to limbo or even worse hell.

With this in mind if I do somehow find myself amidst some afterlife and staring into the visual system of some supreme thing, I will stand there without an ounce of fear. Because the only being I would ever wish to spend eternity around (regardless of distance separated) would be one that is as accepting or more accepting of others than I am.

Any being that would judge me negatively because of how I lived my life (considering it is one that actively attempts to not harm others) is not a being worth accompanying nor praise on any level. I would sooner spend eternity in hell than a minute in heaven ruled by a bigot.

Likewise eternity is a very long time (longer than that even), any activity within the confines of mortality is infinitely smaller than eternity. There is no amount of worship or good deed I can fathom that would merit eternal blessings nor eternal punishment. Perhaps a very long time in either but eternity is only something that one would be granted by a being that is very very nice.

It’s somewhat amateurish, perhaps a bit naïve, but this is a strong facet of my life. I say that a bit ironically because I do not think about this situation more than a couple times a year and only because of someone else bringing up the afterlife.

Personally I feel Religion is a unique waste of time. Not because it is a bad thing necessarily, but because any being that a person would live eternal with should be held to a standard at or above that of mortal beings. Nothing that acts as unaccepting as a bigot should be deemed fit to rule any realm nor should be given any praise/worship.

As I’ve said before I’m an optimistic realist, a term I think I’ve coined (I certainly thought of it on my own), and part of that is merely living life well and doing things as effectively and positively as possible. To spend a minute worshiping when one could be happily reading, or playing, or living, is unfortunate to me. I would never punish or demean someone for doing it but it most certainly is not an activity I would do myself.

This is the lowest level anyone should accept. A being that might not understand, might feel its subject unwise, but ultimately does not hinder nor harm. It does not judge but tries to understand and finds joy in doing so. Excited by differences and by the unknown (though I suppose in theory deities know all, but I find that to be a mighty boring prospect and hope for their sake it is untrue).

Ultimately what I’d be expecting: A shrug, a smile, and a gesture towards the closest place to get a drink. (I should note that if heaven is what you make of it then heaven for me would effectively be the current universe, but that’s again a story for another day).


*By this I mean I do not actively wonder if there is a god. I do not think about the prospect of deities any more than I might wonder if Dragons are flying around the moon Titan. It’s a non-issue. I figure it needs to be clarified since there are organizations that actively combat faith that call themselves Athiest and the term is mighty loaded. I’m using it under its literal meaning. It is not a belief system itself but a means to describe a basic principle…something I’ve done poorly in this footnote.

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