This Week? ~ Writing / Developing / Thinking

//This Week? ~ Writing / Developing / Thinking

This Week? ~ Writing / Developing / Thinking

  So I think I will actually be building another game starting this month. I’m going to start playing game dev story again to get an idea for the user interface things that I like and dislike and general mechanics I should be taking into consideration. I’m going to try and build a game to help people understand what game publishing (versus development) is like.

  Part of it was (or is) inspired by the relentlessly bad environment that this business can be but doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’d like to give people challenges where they must face what we face and see if they can change it. What I can’t decide is if they would be facing it as the leader of the company or if they would be a lowly peasant like myself. Perhaps I could start the person off as a sucker and they work their way up to a better job. That’s not really accurate to the reality of the industry for the vast majority of people but it might be a fun game mechanic.

  I was – to no surprise – sick again today. I’ve contacted a specialist to see if we can work out the source of my problems. The longer they go on the more likely they are to cause permanent damage to  something I’m sure. It’s disappointing but I think its just my body reminding me constantly of where my life is right now.

  If it goes on sale one of these months (which I’m doubtful) I will purchase this and start porting my game projects to the website. I could actually just grab the HTML5 module and not get the entire thing (which is also a possibility). Ad revenue for the website is paltry at the moment (4 cents per day) but its something to strive for and it is going up.


  I am deciding if I want to actually try and educate someone who believes themselves to be intelligent [all evidence suggests otherwise] this week or if I just want to let them do what they’ll do and move on with my life. In the working world it becomes important to know when to pick your battles but I do feel like this particular battle being lost is going to cost a dozen people their jobs. Not today, not tomorrow, but certainly by close of 2013 if this recklessness and social ineptitude grow further. Which they will.

  So what I’m going to do tonight is just talk about what might happen this week on the website. I might write a few short stories that you can both read here and purchase (if you so desire) on amazon and other locations (websites permitting). So people who want to read them for free can do so and those of you that would like to help me out financially can do so as well. I’ll price them according to length with the shortest ones probably being between a quarter and a dollar. All revenue raised will be saved to try and start a system of writing and revenue otherwise known as “a writing job.” Any stories that get enough traction could get expanded into full stories.

  This falls entirely on this week not falling apart for me. But I recently noticed my backlog of stories I want to write is far too large and my progress is going far too slow.

  I might also post the design plans for my next game and start working on that. Again that’s assuming I don’t get sicker and end up in a very unhappy place like I was a few hours ago. Naturally most of this is unimportant to you – that someone I write to – but its here so that the reason behind the actions or inaction is understood.

  The odds are probably in my favor because I invested in a year of Pandora radio. I have a difficult time not being productive when my Pandora station is running. So here is to hoping everything goes well. I don’t think since high school I’ve seen any social environment disintegrate so quickly and so consistently. But outside of those walls I’d rather it not take me under.


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