Time to Decide: Do you love America?

//Time to Decide: Do you love America?

Time to Decide: Do you love America?

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

– Thomas Jefferson (Source)

  I’ve gotten tired recently of something that has been out of hand since 2001. A small contingency of men set out to terrify an entire nation, and do you know what happened? They did it.

  This is bat-shit retarded, there is no reason that we should be changing the way we live for a group of people so separated from us that they are nearly inconsequential. What they did required a very important fact to be true it had to have never been done before. That’s it! They weren’t masterminds, they don’t have any other amazing schemes in the plan for the future, they just got lucky. No jackass before them had ever thought to try it before them and so when they hijacked those planes nobody stood up and beat the ever living crap out of them. Had those people realized that they were going to die none of these planes would have got to their destination, they’d have all ended up either landing or-tragic still-ending up like Pennsylvania.

  Would I ever want anyone dying for any reason? No. Ideally there is no reason anyone should have to die, life should be a matter of choice. If you don’t want to live anymore you just flip the switch. But that’s a talk for another day.

  What should have happened after the attack on the US is a full scale attack on Afghanistan and the very second that we knew he had crossed borders we should have demanded entrance to catch him. He was likely present during the Battle of Tora Bora in 2001 and we failed to capture him. I don’t blame a single US soldier for that, the fact that they fight for this country is a huge deal. They are all deeply respected by me (and I’m sure most of the country). However the fact remains that he got away.

  He should have been captured, tried in court, just as every terrorist or extremist that has been caught. They should be shown that our systems work and that justice will be served. The entire nonsense of holding people eternally without ever trying them is a black stain on this nation and an example of what happens when people don’t really care about the values of their nation.

  After, or rather during, this series of events we should have rebuilt the world trade center. We should have shown the entire world that the US does not fear anyone. That we are a people united, our dreams are endless and we will overcome every challenge, that is what should have happened. Those that died would receive a wall with their names and any other symbolic memorial that we can surmise at the base and I feel the top as well. There names could then glow beneath the warmth of the sun for centuries to come.

  What we should have never done was increase security in airports like a bunch of terrified children. The people of the US are informed, diligent, and when the time demands it Heroic, the one aircraft that knew the danger they were facing confronted it like heroes. The next time some idiot would have stood up and tried to hijack a plane he would have likely been beat to death before the plane even landed. Think that is farfetched? It’s happened already (though not killed). That’s just one incident, there has been at least one other where the man was beaten by the passengers.

  People know what is going on, this sort of bullshit will never occur again without some serious armament on the aircraft. The truth of the matter is, if someone really wants to use a plane as a weapon, they will…period. But that’s not really what happened, they are opportunists, they saw a tactic that hadn’t been utilized and was thus available. They knew that the largest boundary between them and using those planes was the belief of the passengers that they would live. That was it. That’s the only way any criminal gets away with a victim, when a person knows they could die the situation rarely pans out favorably for the criminal.

  Worse still, we’ve had these nonsensical color coded terror guides that have been used for no other reason than to keep people in an endless state of terror and paranoia. They are useless. As I said, we are American’s, much more we are human beings, we should be above this. We don’t need a color code, screw these idiots, if they try anything in the US the 2nd Amendment crowd will blow them to hell and back. People are always diligent, there are areas with bad crime yes, but generally when crimes go down folks report it. If a crime looks like it might go down people report it. We don’t need a rainbow to show us how we should be feeling (though I do like rainbows…refracted light for the win).

  We should also not have been targeting Muslim’s in the US. Does nobody remember World War II? What the hell happened. So we see how foolish we were treating the Japanese American’s like shit and so how do we respond the next time a similar situation arises? We do the same damn thing. Telling Muslims or Middle Eastern People that they cannot walk somewhere? That they cannot worship in a country that was founded on the idea of Freedom, of Speech, of Belief, or Dream. We are a nation of Equals, regardless of what Capitalistic inequalities may be scarring us we are an idealistic nation of equals and should be acting like it. Every single American who treats another Law Abiding American like shit hates America.

  That’s what it comes down to. Do you love America? Do you believe in the values that this nation was founded on? Regardless of them being hypocritical at the time of there founding, we have moved forward, we have evolved and moved closer to the dreams that we all deserve. This Ground Zero Mosque Propaganda, the Mosques all over the US that are being protested, that’s all bullshit. These protestors hate America, period. If they loved America they would be welcoming other American’s to pray to whatever god they feel is their own. We should be showing the rest of the world that no shit stain extremist can turn us against each other. Not running around swinging signs and harassing other people because of the color of there skin or the faith they follow.

  And no, Muslims are not Terrorists, Terrorists are terrorists, If we are going to start judging entire religions by the actions of there worst then we’ve just entered a very slippery slope where every faith is evil. So either drop your faith before you bash there’s or start supporting them because this bullshit is entirely un-American and everyone involved should feel like a complete and utter disappointment.

  Terror Babies and Anchor babies are just another flavor of Racism and Bigotry, congratulations to everyone who believes in any of this nonsense, you are De facto assholes who wish your asshole bigotry was Law.

  To everyone else, the vast majority of American’s who actually love America and humanity as a whole, you all are awesome. Thanks for visiting and I hope that you at can do the right thing and make sure that all these hate mongers are ignored and treated like the complete jokes they are.

  Nothing like ranting at 12:39 in the morning :).

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