To eat and to be eaten.

//To eat and to be eaten.

To eat and to be eaten.

  I’ve finished a book for this week which is delightful. This week was a Penny Arcade Book which means next week will be a technical book. I believe tomorrow I’ll write a book review and see where we go from there. For today I was tempted to speak shortly about life. Life is strange, isn’t it?

  How lovely would it be to be in a reality where everyone is an herbivore? I mean this for all animals as well, no parasites either, its just organisms eating plants. Presumably things like breeding would be much slower(like whale gestation slow), but without thinking too deeply I just came across a simple realization.

  That realization is that no animal is happy to have you eat it, chickens never say “I’m delicious! Eat me!” Every animal tries its hardest to not be eaten by other animals. But what of seeds and berries? So many plants make themselves delicious so that they’ll be eaten and their seed will be spread far and wide. They love it, our mouths make them happy.

  To me a universe where being eaten is a positive thing that makes the eaten thing happy is the best kind of universe. Corn is jolly as all roger to have people feasting on it, this is largely why there is a very strange symbiotic relationship going on between man and corn. But that’s a tale for another day.

  It just seems like it would be mighty nice is everything ate plants and plants delightfully made fruits, berries, and nuts. Beans…mmm beans.


Veggie Chicken wants you to eat him.

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