Toasters are really neat.

//Toasters are really neat.

Toasters are really neat.

   When you think about the most reliable things in your house what comes to mind? I was recently thinking about it at Target after a conversation about fridges and toasters. Of these two the standout is the toaster. How many times have you replaced your toaster? Did you replace it because it stopped functioning or because you wanted one with more slots?

  It’s strange though that if a car commercial said “As reliable as a toaster.” it might give off this impression of cheapness. I know personally whenever I hear it that is what I envision and it doesn’t even make sense. Toasters are remarkably simple, remarkably effective, and downright ingenious. Everything about them really makes my brain smile.

  They hold your toast vertically giving you more bang for your buck as heat rises out of the toaster. Many newer ones have a bagel setting which I believe is made so that you can burn one side of toast when you leave it on. They have the decency to not kill me when I was a kid and tried to pull toast out of them with a knife, not to say something didn’t get hurt, but it wasn’t me.

RIP Toaster Coil


  I imagine the reason that toasters are so reliable is that they have so few links to their chain. The opportunities for failure are far and few between. Presumably this is something lost in more complex devices, especially with the speed that technology moves. We develop something and before it is perfected we add more pieces atop it. Bloat builds until the beast bursts.

  They perform an extremely specific task with incredible efficiency. The next time you see your toaster be sure to thank it for all the years of service it has put in for you. Without the toaster your bread would be soft and easily torn by the various things you lay atop and between them.

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