Truck Routes ~ A CA Driving Mystery

//Truck Routes ~ A CA Driving Mystery

Truck Routes ~ A CA Driving Mystery

  Today I accidentally went off the beaten path once during my drive home and then a second time intentionally. I’ve been eying this truck route each time I drive home. Wondered to myself if I can legally drive on it, I’ve seen tons (and I mean tons both literally and figuratively) of passenger cars driving down it. It looked like it was a more direct route to where I live and would cut down on my lane changing even more!

  So today I took the dive and it was both thrilling and a bit scary. The route kept going for a bit and just never seem to reconnect to where I normally go. I thought “Great I’m going to Istanbul” but just about that time the route finally emerged from the mountains and I was not only on the right path but I was where I needed to go, passed a bunch of stupid stuff, and nobody had pulled me over.

  I got home and checked to see if I was allowed to do that and it turns out that legally, yes, I can drive on the truck route. They just request that people don’t because its supposed to be for making truck driving faster and smoother. I wasn’t slowing any semi’s down (on the contrary I like to drive behind them), so at least I can sleep easy on that front.

  There is another truck route before the one I took today that has interested me as well. I’m going to check it tomorrow and see if it helps me bypass the Sacramento split traffic nightmare. One can dream.

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