Try and Try again.

//Try and Try again.

Try and Try again.

The biggest problem with learning new things is the mistakes. I don’t mind them but I have noticed that most of my mistakes would be far less costly if I’d just stick with my intuition and check things early. Today I played Rogue Legacy (which is a great game btw) and I decided to record my time with it in both twitch and bandicam. It turns out that you cannot do this or at least I haven’t figured it out. After recording for a few hours I played back the bandicam and it was just screeching sounds and ripped video.

Worse still the video from twitch had the window poorly cropped and 20% of the right and bottom were not visible to the end user. Such is life I suppose. I’ve always had bad luck with recording devices. If you are ever trying something for the first time I highly recommend doing some trial runs first. Twenty to Thirty minutes long, nothing too extreme, if it is something that could hurt you you’ll certainly want to rethink if you want to do it or not (it’s a good idea to not do it without spotters).

I’ll post the YouTube videos later but they’ll be private links since I feel silly. A lot of cool stuff went down which is why it is so unfortunate. On the bright side I’m getting better, learning more. Who knows in a few months I might have this all down.

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