Update ~ Long Time; No Update. Upcoming Disgaea 4 Vita Guides.


Good thing I’ve come back I suppose. I’ve been gone for a while. Likely recovering from the mental trauma of dealing with GOG. On August 31st of this year the website decided to block traffic to all pages except for one. Saw a drop in traffic from between 300 and 400 views a day to 8. Woo, that’s um, not pleasant.

What kind of nonsense is that? Amusingly it looks like the fix was just having my wife log in. Every page went back to working a few minutes later. Seriously? WordPress is doing some passive aggressive stuff just to get some time with her. I’ve got my eye on you you crafty free blogging software you. I’ve been playing an obscene amount of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited. I’m not joking, people have begun to point and mumble to one another about it. It’s pretty great and I may give it a review soon as well.

I think I’ve got a pretty sound strategy for quickly getting the Puppy Paw Stick, Duping like a Madman, and tips on how to use various things in the game that changed so much from the PS4 version that the GameFAQs guides aren’t helpful. Whether or not they’ll be as popular as the other guides I’ve done is up for debate. I’m hoping so.

I don’t know what else to say in this post, probably nothing. I’ll update with something else more topical following this.

Abandon Post!

Abandon Post!