USPS has failed me.

//USPS has failed me.

USPS has failed me.

  Well it is one of those miraculous days where it is both late and I’m quite mentally exhausted. I suppose today I’ll just make short mention of a particular disappointing situation that happened in an order with Amazon.

  I’ve been ordering things for many years, overall it provides me with goods and I don’t have to interact with people that give me chest pain. Everyone wins in this situation and I manage to make the population of this area not entirely ruinous.

  But today the USPS service completely failed me, in a way that is most surprising. Keep in mind all of this damage is from shipping over the course of a couple business days


  The package was wrapped in a clear plastic bag. But why, you might ask. Namely because it was covered in a black substance which smelled like mud but certainly did not feel like it. There were a series of wounds on the package where it had been jabbed by something sharp and then tapped over. Then the kicker, it had been cut open along the bottom.


  The contents removed entirely. Fantastic! Just want I’ve always wanted from USPS, an empty and abused bubble wrap package. This is truly wonderful. The kicker is that after all this bullshit, the seller will be out all their money because they didn’t get insurance (27 dollars worth). How is this fair? What kind of racket are they running really where they can wrap up an empty package in a plastic bag and keep is mailing along without even an apology letter.

  Remarkable, I’d love to know the full story behind how this happened.

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