Vacation Yay ~ Primer

//Vacation Yay ~ Primer

Vacation Yay ~ Primer

  It has been quite a while! I’ve finally returned from Europe after a two week vacation around the Mediterranean. I want to be real poetic and wordy today but frankly we came back to ridiculous heat and I’m still feeling it from the half a day of flying. What I will do instead is prepare you for what is to come over the next few weeks.

  First I’ll discuss American Airlines and the first day of our trip (actually getting there). Then we’ll discuss each day in Paris. After Pairs is the Cruise Ship and traveling to Greece. After Greece we’ll move along to Turkey and from Turkey back to Italy and finally the flight back. This adventure has drama, poking, sunburns, and spinning eggs splitting on the edge of a spatula. I’ll have plenty of fun pictures and advice for each location. We learned a lot about visiting Europe and I strongly feel that my discoveries will help make your trip be much more relaxing.

  But for today, today I rest. Because I am sweating like I’m being baked and my brain is genuinely mush.


Here is a picture of Fresh Buttery “Taste” Spread, I don’t know if I’ve shown it before but I noticed it in my image folder and it still gives me a chuckle.

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