Walking on the Right Side of Life.

//Walking on the Right Side of Life.

Walking on the Right Side of Life.

  So I had the delicious misfortune of ending up in the Mall today. I am a pretty positive guy (or I try to be) and I genuinely like humanity (or I try to) but I can find so little good to say about people in a mall. There is just something about that environment that drives me nuts, people become pushy and impatient and they do the most irrational things.

  Why, for instance, do some people walk against the flow? Why do some people walk on their left side of the pathway instead of the right? If everyone walked on the right side the flow would remain constant and everyone would get everywhere faster. Yet this does not happen, a noticeable (but less than half) percent of the people in the mall walk on the left.

  I genuinely wonder what their brain chemistry looks like, what fires and where. When they walk through the mall does their brain fire the same way as someone who walks on the right side? It’s a small thing but it makes you wonder about that small group. What other things are they more likely to do? Do left side walkers tend to purchase more Ford vehicles? That’s a random example but it would be neat to see some kind of study into it.

  I suspect there is something, this subset of humans is special (not in a good way) and I’d love to know more about them. This is not something I think people think about very much. When you see a small group of people acting differently than the rest asking the question of “Why?”

  The most interesting are when they are demographically mixed, when you have an even distribution of cultures, races, and sexualities across them.

  Anyways, food for thought. Look for the outliers where you live and ponder on the totality of their differences. See what kind of wonderful stories you can think up. Or if it so fancies you perhaps do an actual study to see what they are really like.

Not really all that great...

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