Website Updated ~ Twitch Integration and Clustrmaps / Also Nibbleh is a pain in my butt

//Website Updated ~ Twitch Integration and Clustrmaps / Also Nibbleh is a pain in my butt

Website Updated ~ Twitch Integration and Clustrmaps / Also Nibbleh is a pain in my butt

The website is updated once again! I’ve got twitch integration up top. You might be saying “I can’t see it…” and that’s the beauty of it! I’ve set it up so that it will only show when I’ve got a stream going! That way we aren’t wasting website real estate on it. Naturally it’ll be getting moved to a more attractive location once I get to pestering my wife more but for now I’m really pleased. The code is scuttled from a few twitch projects on the internet and it required me to dabble in PHP. Between my tip toe into Lua, playing with Python on Friday at work, and now PHP for this I’m starting to think I might be going places.

No place is some place right?

Additionally I’ve added a ClustrMap back to the website. They are somewhat tacky but I really like to see how international the viewership is. The recent spike in people coming to the website is greatly welcomed and I’m sure very short lived. But I’ll keep working on this and if nothing else I’ll have a nice little project that I’m proud of. These are minutes and hours that I previously would have wasted on Facebook. I feel like in the end I’m making the right decision and providing myself with something to show for my time.

Speaking of time sinks, I played a good bit of WoW today. It was largely fruitless but I can’t say that it was a waste of my time. Warcraft is a large game run by one of the largest video game companies in the world. You’d think with that that there would be some pretty high levels of quality control and bug testing. But then weird little incidents crop up that remind you that nobody is exempt from problems.

Take, for instance, the Hearthsteed. I feel like they really want me to have it.



I don’t quite have the heart to delete them. You can only have 1 of any mount as they are account wide. This means that once I use one I can’t use, sell, or trade any of the rest. They just rest in my inbox from Mei Francis for the next 29 days until they are escorted off unto oblivion. Poor things. But that kind of bug is funny and I like it. Whenever bugs give me a chuckle I welcome them. There are however poor design mistakes that linger and that’s what I’d like to briefly discuss, beginning with the freshest example in my mind.

Reaper of Souls and Joy

Reaper of Souls and Joy: Nibbleh

Blizzard has a love hate relationship with their players. Sometimes they make content fun and engaging. People consume it and love it and the game feels the better for it. Then other times they create bitter and hateful content that requires lots of time, lots of work, and basically no fun. (

A minority of people like this and they absolutely shit on anyone who questions it. These folks also are the most common users of the forums, which is why I can’t recommend you visit that part of the web).

The Brawler’s Guild falls somewhere in the middle of the love/hate development spectrum. It seems like it was built by three staff members at Blizzard. One of them was trying to build fun confrontations, another was trying to build challenging confrontations, and the third was building shit like Nibbleh.

This fight is an incredible pain in the ass. It is not, in any sense of the word, fun. He is basically the world’s worst RNG nuisance and I feel like he was designed by a preteen who thought they had a clever idea. I find myself following the routine laid out by folks who have beaten Nibbleh to the letter and still dying because he decides on a whim to just stop moving and activate his berserk buff. Or spit under himself and activate his buff. Or to turn and attack my pet (who is neither taunting nor outdps’ng me) and activate his buff. Or hell sometimes he’ll just start buffing for seemingly no reason at all. It’s frustrating and likely means I won’t be finishing the Brawler’s Guild for a while.

I don’t know why this kind of content stays in the game so long. I watched other people quit the BG while I was there because of this specific fight. It’s three from the end of finishing the content and is far and away the hardest of all the content provided by BG. It isn’t hard because its supposed to be hard, it is hard because it was designed poorly. This is my least favorite kind of experience in a game, one where I need to exploit the game in order to beat something that should have been thought out.

It’s not cute, it’s not fun, and the only good thing that has come out of Nibbleh is the screenshot above.

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