Weddings and WTF?

//Weddings and WTF?

Weddings and WTF?

  For those curious about the last update, I’ve just been really tired with the incredibly up front racism that’s been on a few 24 hour news stations and the internet at large. Even my facebook has its fair share of “Snicker, Muslims==murderers&&rapists&&terrorists.” That sort of stuff is disheartening, you don’t want to think that your friends are retarded, I of course mean that in the willing sense as opposed unwilling handicap from birth and genetic defects. They can be hard to distinguish but I’m making that separation. I try to convince myself that they are just being sarcastic and I missed it, but at this point in the evolution of the internet the [/sarcasm] tag has become standard enough to be expected.

  Today is my last day in California for over a week! I leave for Washington to get married and I must say that overall I am getting more pleased by the day. About the only unfortunate thing right now is that I have a nasal voice from that cold, it really put my throat and nose through a harsh loop. Hopefully I’ll be fully vocal and normal by September 4th. I’ll be investigating any sort of “cures” for this issue that don’t involve half a pound of over the counter medication…wish me luck I suppose.

  So yes, short update. I hope my last one wasn’t hyper nationalistic sounding, I’m not necessarily saying Americans are the best people ever because that conflicts with many of the psychological and philosophical beliefs that I’ve explained on here. But when you proclaim that you are a people of higher moral standards, of stronger will, and of greater overall stature then you should damn well act like these things or at least one of them. Many of these people involved with the entire anti-middle eastern movement are none of them and yet they don’t get laughed out of the country like the scabs they are.

  It’s a darn shame. A shame that I won’t be thinking the least about on the 4th :P. But until then and possibly after then it will bother me. Only because you would hope that within something like ten thousand years you could get people to at least a 98% “Head not-in-ass” state. Maybe science will invent a cream that you can rub on your temples and it’ll dissolve all the stupid that gunk up for these folks.

  Admittedly it is still a very small part of the country, but any percent that is not itself a percent of a percent is too much. The anti-intellectual movement is troublesome and benefits nobody, not even the people pushing it.

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