Welcome to emoj.li!

//Welcome to emoj.li!

Welcome to emoj.li!

One of the fellows I follow on Twitter has apparently created the best messaging system ever. It is not yet released but you can get your own account here at http://emoj.li/. I’m interested to see what kind of messaging can be accomplished with this system. It reminds me a bit of hieroglyphics, a word I apparently can’t spell without aid…thanks for that Google.

I’d be interested to see if a language spawns from this with people sending tangible messages to one another. My goal once I can use it is to try and create a cohesive narrative that people can follow. I suspect I’ll fail but it will be a fun little thing to attempt. I don’t….know what else to say? It’s a really fun idea and I hope it succeeds at something. Tom Scott is one of the most interesting people on YouTube and if you are feeling like learning a thing or two check him out at his own channel or Numberphile.

Good stuff and there is tons where that came from. You may want to zoom in on these, my website is stretching them something silly for whatever reason.

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