Why Businesses (and Conservative Congress people) hate Single Payer.

//Why Businesses (and Conservative Congress people) hate Single Payer.

Why Businesses (and Conservative Congress people) hate Single Payer.

EDIT: Never thought I’d find myself linking to fox news but here is an opinion piece they posted about someone signing up for ObamaCare. It is worth your time.

A while back on the Daily Show Jon Stewart asked one of his guests why any business that complains about healthcare would be against a single payer option. He seemed perplexed about what advantages a business gains by paying for the healthcare themselves. Given what happened today I feel this is a great time for me to discuss the very real reason why this happens and why single payer is disadvantageous for businesses.

The simple truth is that controlling your access to affordable(ish) healthcare is one of the greatest powers any business can have. You are always going to get sick, this is how bodies work and a part of life. You don’t know when you will get sick however. This provides an incidence of randomness to the formula which creates fear (fear being largely produced by uncertainty of safety). Because of this a business need to work much less hard to keep your employment. You become, in many ways, attached to their business.

Single payer removes the single simplest ways for businesses to provide people with little to no benefits and still have an upper hand in keeping them on staff. If people need not fear the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy they are more likely to be more adventurous with their careers and not stick with hurtful or harmful businesses. This is also why conservatives in politics were against the public option, conservatism has been tightly linked with business now in the US (ironic since the reverse used to be true). The modern version of the ACA is actually a republican plan and was designed as an alternative to single payer. It was created specifically because it helps keep power in the hand of businesses.

So that, to answer Jon Stewart (though he’ll never read this), is why big businesses are against single payer. It removes all their power and leaves them being forced to compete. Businesses hate to compete and this is why there is such a consistent effort to legislate away protections that have been built up over the decades. Corporate personhood being the most disturbing of the perversions.

BUT! That’s a tale for another day I suppose. Now you know.

PS. The reason the ACA is being attacked now is because it is politically savvy to do so. If you can convince people to sabotage it then it may fail and then you can say “See I told you so!” without pointing out the self fulfilling prophecy of sabotage.


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