Why should you never ever buy a second Wii U for any reason? I’ll tell you why.

//Why should you never ever buy a second Wii U for any reason? I’ll tell you why.

Why should you never ever buy a second Wii U for any reason? I’ll tell you why.

I’ve been kind of slacking on writing this. Earlier today I found myself incredibly irritated with Nintendo. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a company fight so hard to not take my money and I suppose it behooves me to explain to you how they did it. Keep in mind this isn’t one of those cliche “I hate Nintendo” posts that seem to proliferate across the internet. I’m a fan of most of Nintendo’s games and I really do feel that a lot of what they do is what I want to see in the gaming world. At least as far as Game Software is concerned, apparently on the Hardware Software side they are failing miserably.

We have two rooms in the house (one upstairs and one downstairs) that we want to play games in. We currently have a PS3 in each of them and I can sync up my account across both of them. I use the same bank account, all my games work on both of them, hell a lot of my games work on both of them and my vita. We realized we want to Wii Fit U downstairs and the rest would probably be played upstairs. So we preordered the Mario Kart 8 Bundle. It came in and everything seemed great, the game itself is fantastic and I was getting the feel goods. Today I decided to hook up the other Wii U and it was just one problem after another. Those feel goods were greatly hindered.

The first thing is that you can not use the same account on two different Wii Us. This means that all your purchases are locked to a single console forever. I can’t think of any reason for this. I’m not willing to accept piracy protection, sharing, or any of that other bullshit. Sony does allow for it and I don’t see their game division collapsing (everything else for them is another story). Alright, I thought, not being able to use both my consoles on one account is a huge fucking inconvenience but maybe I can see past it.

Then I realized that free game I’d be getting with my purchase would be stuck on the new console and not the one I wanted it on. Well crap that sucks, then I realized that the points from my game purchases and the console would be stuck on some secondary account that I don’t even want. I was being forced to make it just because of some backasswards limitation pushed by a room full of empty headed suits.

Alright, whatever. I can see past this. I really like the Wii U and I would like to have one in each room, I thought. I moved onto the step where I try to move my saves from one console to the other one. Keep in mind this is a company that doesn’t even have achievements. There is literally not a single reason for them to not let me move my saves. Not one, there is nothing. You might think you have a reason but you don’t. Sit down and think about it for ten more minutes and you’ll come to the same conclusion as I did after a lot of brooding. But here I am looking at their data backup screen telling me that my saves must be added to an encrypted USB stick that only works for the console you pull the saves off of. Give me a fucking break. Why. No don’t tell me, that was rhetorical, there is no reason.

So what can you do if you own a Wii U and you buy a second? You can’t move any of your saves over. You can’t use your E-Wallet. You can’t use your Nintendo Club Account. These two devices are islands and neither knows the other exists. Sure you bought both, this is all you, but who the fuck cares right?

If you own one Wii U you are in a good place. Like me you’ve got a fun little console with a nice group of excellent games. But heaven help you if you buy two. There is literally no damn reason to ever own two of these. This is the only console on the entire planet that actually becomes less valuable with each new one you own. The PS3 is great with multiple copies, the Xbox, the PS4, (I don’t know about Xbox One I guess), PS2, PS1, NES, SNES, GameCube, Genesis, Jaguar, Saturn, Dreamcast, Atari, 3DO, Wii…etc…EtFuckingCetera.

This is it! The Wii U literally punishes you if you purchase more than one of them! Why? I keep asking this rhetorical question because I just don’t get it. What did Nintendo just get out of me returning 360 dollars worth of console bundle (Ok…329 before tax). Did that make their day? Did that make anything better at Nintendo of America or abroad? This is beyond moronic. I’m often finding myself seeing nothing but petty jabs at the company but right now I see a very real problem that they need to fix. A company so in need of sales shouldn’t be trying so hard to stifle them.

So disappointed but I suppose I’ve got money for a PS4 now. So, thanks Sony, for actually having good video game account policies. Looking forward to Second Son.

If Best Buy hadn’t graciously accepted that return I would literally not be buying another Nintendo Console ever. That may sound petty but I’m not willing to do a ton of research just to make sure I’m not going to get punched in the asshole for supporting a company.

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