Wisdom Teeth Day 3 & General Things

//Wisdom Teeth Day 3 & General Things

Wisdom Teeth Day 3 & General Things

  On the sheet it tells you that Day 3 is when the pain, bleeding, and other problems tends to peak. I’ll admit that my jaw is certainly less happy today than it was yesterday or the day before but still overall it’s more of a dulling pain than something that would cause me to seppuku. Again this may be a result of the pain killers which do a great job of making you lose coordination (I missed my mouth drinking water a short while ago).

  Dr. Jeworski actually called today to make sure I was doing OK. I would never expect that of any doctor because of their sheer patient load but that was a pleasant surprise. Given how terrified I was for this entire thing (and indeed now I’m keeping my mouth thoroughly washed to avoid infection) the gesture is very appreciated.

  So I think that about covers it really. There is no reason to drag out all the little intricacies of the aftermath. I will note that if you get this done as your gums start to seal back up you will get a little grumpy. Thing of babies when they are teething, it’s kind of like that but in reverse. Also do not eat eggs. Now I love eggs, scrambled eggs are heavenly if done right. My wife has made some of the best eggs I’ve had ever, in the last two days. But the little chunks can easily get stuck anywhere around the surgical sites and it’s really scary trying to get it out because you don’t want food staying there.

  Stick with yogurts, apple sauce, other things that dissolve in liquids. It’ll keep you from having a panic attack Smile. Now onto the General things for the day after the break.

  I’ve completed much of tiger woods. I was ranked #1 long enough to get the trophy for it and have been snapping up the trophies in that game quite readily. Because of the previously mentioned condition my concentration is screwed.

  I’ve also picked up borderlands and all of the DLC for 7 dollars and 50 cents on Steam. I’ve been having a good deal of fun with that. I don’t think I’ll be doing a game review for it. But if I did I’d probably give it a rating of Average. I don’t think that’s something to be ashamed of and it’s certainly at the top tier of average games. But I don’t find myself desiring to play it and that is a very important point.

  I may write a review for the latest Pokemon once I finish it but again I wasn’t prepared to review it once I started playing it. That’s a title that has changed much more than people give credit, but I’ve long since given up trying to convince people. Really what is there to benefit arguing over video games? If someone doesn’t want to buy a game just let them miss out on the fun. Someday they’ll end up playing it for bargain price and realize they missed out on a golden opportunity.

  The next game that is coming into my home is Mortal Kombat. I will be reviewing it and I must say I’m genuinely excited. I am a sucker for book ends and have thusly bought the one that comes with them.

  Yeah. I’m pretty psyched. They’ll go great with my LittleBigPlanet 2 book ends Smile.

  That’s about it really. Recent events at work have inspired me to return to writing. To pick up where I left off and to hopefully create a self sustaining operation where I can write. Folks can be entertained, and life can be as it should be.

  Oh…and if you were curious about Keurig coffee machines, I’m about to get one of those and I’ll write a review about it as well.

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