Writing and Watching.

//Writing and Watching.

Writing and Watching.

  Well I’ll be damned. I did actually manage to get the Effacer Prophecy rewritten and edited. It only took me something like a week longer than I originally planned but that’s considerably faster than I do sometimes. I read it to Liz and she didn’t gag which is a good sign! Once it is done being published on Amazon I’ll shamelessly whore it here and hope for the best.

  I don’t have much else to discuss at this moment besides the fact that I have a YouTube channel and I’ve been adding random short clips to it. Soon I think I might get into actual review videos for games. That remains to be seen but it is certainly not out of consideration.

The IOS YouTube Channel!

It contains such majesty like…



Every time the show hits I feel it in my soul.


  So you know its like quality content except not! At any rate I’m slowly getting better and better at this stuff and the more folks I have subscribed and viewing the easier it is to invest time in. As it stands most of the stuff I do are very short and currently my loathing of Google Adsense has (or should have) ads turned off.

  Seeing as you’ve made it this far down in todays short ramble I’m going to give you some random life advice that may save it someday. If you get in an accident and something gets lodged in your body it is very wise to not remove it. In many cases the reason people die from being punctured is that they remove the object puncturing them. That object is likely the only thing stopping you from bleeding out.

  The only real exception is when the thing puncturing you is a venomous animal. At that point it is in your best interest to get that shit out of you and make your way to the nearest hospital. Try to not panic and tie off the limb if possible. Panicking or exertion will lead to blood flowing quicker and the poison traveling faster.

  So there you go! If you end up accidentally lodging sports equipment in your abdomen (or something) you’ll be more likely to survive and tell folks all about it!

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