Writing Status

//Writing Status

Writing Status

  There isn’t much to say today, I’ve played some magic, finished a bunch of reports for work, and got through another monthly. But yesterday I finally finished the complete first draft of my book, I am so utterly delighted.

  I will begin reading it tonight and as I go through I’ll make edits, take notes, and prepare myself for revision 2.

  This is a big turning point for my life, I don’t think I’ve ever completed anything before this. I’m sure there are dozens of obvious things I’m omitting (many would say Marriage being an obvious one since Bad Assour marriage is about as solid as an electron bond, which I seem to recall is extremely strong).

  But some moments call for Hyperbole and this moment is huge for me. It feels good, everything else might not be perfect, but this feeling is sure darn close. There is only a handful of other things that gives me this kind of feeling and luckily I live with them.

  Three ladies, oh yeah I’m such a player. Unless we add the factoid that 2 are cats, then I guess its back to normal. But still when hanging with the guys “Oh yeah I live with my wife and two other gals, she doesn’t even complain about it.” Quick someone pass this guy a Fresca! We got a badass over here!

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