Writing Updates

//Writing Updates

Writing Updates

  I’ve decided to switch up my writing plans. There is an event called NaNoWriMo that I’ve always wanted to enter into but have never done before. I’m going to delay and rewrite 30 Days to Die in November. Begin on the 1st of November and be done by the 31st (I believe those are the rules). I’ll have updates here still each day and maybe discuss my progress. This also means I’m going to want to start taking notes between now and then to finalize everything. I’ll want to finish the entire thing which means I can’t get 50% through and realize I forgot something crucial.

  All is not dry for writing before November. With October hitting I think its time for me to write a short horror story. Maybe short, maybe long. I will be beginning it tomorrow. I’ll even give samples on the website from time to time. My goal is to finish it the 28th of October and submit it to Amazon. Hopefully in time for Halloween (that’s the 30th right? I don’t do dates).

  The horror story is B movie grade and with that in mind I can take liberties in terms of plot. I’ve discussed it before with some friends and I really look forward to it. My goal length is 200 pages but anything shorter than that is perfectly fine. I won’t stretch it longer than I feel it needs to go. Maybe from time to time for these last few weeks of September I can discuss the characters in the story and their psychology. Nothing deep or in depth but something to make life interesting.

    On a non related note I have finished masking the Ethernet line from our computers to the router on the other side of the room. I had to run it snug against the wall because one (or both) of our cats are obsessed with Ethernet cord. They dream of eating it every night and pine over the thought of munching it all throughout the day. The masking tape should hopefully keep it out of their sight and if not I plan to soak the tapes surface in bitter spray.

  Tomorrow I’ll write about how I manage stress. I was thinking about how I’ve been doing it lately and I think people will find it interesting. It might not work for you but its at least a fun experiment to try in your life.

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