Stumbling and Bumbling through Goals.

I had a minor goal today of finishing the first video for my live logging year challenge. I missed that goal but only because of time and a general lack of skill in the new endeavors that I tackle. That’s fine, I’m going to publish it tomorrow. Perhaps over the course of lunch. And then my journey will begin. Perhaps I’ll even post another video later that night and get back on the horse.

The key with goals is to never stop just because you hit a bump. If you do you’ll never accomplish anything of mention. That isn’t to say what I’ll be uploading is worth mentioning. The aspect ratio is going to be off, the quality will be weird, the edits will be all over the place. But you have to start somewhere. Every journey begins with a single save file.

Or…shit. Wait, I got that wrong.

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Fear and Futility

Sometimes I find myself up against a challenge that gets me truly vexed. Getting my PC to work properly after reformatting has been a wild ride. It has been three decades since I arrived on this Earth, two thirds of those I’ve spent having a computer of some fashion. For twenty years there has not been a single time that reinstalling windows on a fresh HDD has lead to problems. Fast forward to today and Windows 10 just cannot handle it. And worse still I’ve gotten advice from Microsofts own website that is so damaging you have to reboot in safe mode just to recover. Namely, do not, ever, turn off all services and then reboot. And yet they tell you that is something you should try when having problems like I am.

Fair enough, if I literally cannot ever login I won’t have any problems installing things in the future. At any rate, I’ve since reinstalled for a third time. I’ve gone through the registry and tried to clean up ownership problems left behind by Windows’ fairly awful migration system. And I’ve gotten every update to bring me to what should be the most up to date version of Windows 10 possible. I check every service, every option, and everything points to this being as good as it gets.

So here I sit. Scared to try to use the installer that has been freezing my PC. An installer that I very much definitely need to do what I want to do for the rest of this year. Microsoft installers cannot be used in safe mode, so I’m left needing to use it in Windows proper. I don’t know what is going to conflict with it, or if anything actually will. I don’t really want to go down that road. I don’t want to feel that anger again. But I must. I’m going to finish this post, hit publish, and I’m going to start that install. It will either work, or it will not, regardless I will stand up and walk away from my PC. Today was not a bad day. I’ve gotten some nice new shoes that are fairly comfortable.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish today had been better. It would have been a nice surprise.

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Restless Limbs

This year one of my new goals is to have a better sleep schedule. After I finish this post I’m going to go shower, read a bit of the Hobbit, and go to sleep. Everyone seems to say they’ll get more sleep at some point in their life and I would imagine that most people don’t.

It’s a lot harder than it was when I was a kid. Everything is bright and glowing now. The world is loud and night never seems to come. It’s frustrating and I find my brain wirring well into the morning. Last night I randomly got a craving for food and ended up making mac and cheese at 12:30. It was a fun moment, a fantastic reminder that being an adult has some neat perks. But still I was up late. The cause this time around wasn’t the glow of the never sleeping tech of modern life.

Nor was it the noise of the city.

It was my left leg.

Over the last few years my left leg has become increasingly restless. Lately it has gone from a nagging annoyance that caused my leg to jerk at times. But last night it was an unstoppable monster. A throbbing nagging tingling mess of nonsesne.

I tried everything to stop it from driving me mad. Stretching it, letting it lie. Holding it tight. Massaging it. My right leg slept happily and silently. It acted as any limb should. A partner with my best interest in mind. But my left leg has lost its damn mind.

I’ve read a bit online about the possible causes and the most consistent return are one (or both) of the following things.

Drinking too much.

Not getting enough sleep.

Well, I don’t drink. Those of you that are pretty good at deciphering puzzles can figure out then why I want to start sleeping better. Because if I can stop this beast from growing ever stronger I’ll take it. And sleeping more is also something I would enjoy. When I sleep my back stops hurting.

So here I go. Hoping to get control of a part of me that I thought was my own.

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Learning Python

Holy cow. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to learn a new language. Have you ever glanced at Python? This is a beast of a language, pun both not and actually intended.


Just, damn. That’s terrifying. Luckily, Visual Studio can handle Python. I’ve yet to figure out how to create a Python project with VS but it’ll come in the next day or two. But the difference between that terrifying chunk above and this below is night and day to me.


Now this?! This I can read. Look at that beautiful color coding and separation between different types of code. I’m shocked that folks got anything done before programs like visual studio. It’s just a consistently less pleasant experience.

I remember back to the little bit of time I spent coding things in Ragnarok. Waiting until compile time to see if it actually worked or not. These days? You can find out darn near instantly whether or not you’ve bamboozled yourself.

It’s a pleasant experience. I’m going to start posting about my adventures in python as I learn more. Maybe we’ll make a stream out of it. The end goal being a Python Bot that hosts people at specific times (PST) for Twitch.

Wish me luck! Or…don’t. No pressure. Gotta relax for 2018.

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Beast Mastery Challenge – Failiure from Success

I finished the challenge mode for Beast Mastery Hunter today. I believe this was also the first day I started trying to complete it in the first place. And yet, a few dozen attempts stood between me and finishing it. A grand total of a few hours likely.

I don’t hate challenges, in many ways I enjoy them. I tend to crank game difficulty to max and whenever there is a trophy for completing a game on “hate yourself” difficulty I tackle it headlong.

But occasionally I stumble upon a challenge like this and wonder what went wrong? This was not fun at all. I wouldn’t even say it was necessarily hard, it was just clunky. The challenge has you fighting against a highmountain tauren and his demonic worms.

The challenge is keeping yourself from being stunned and interrupting his major cast anytime it is called. This requires rotating a pet stun, your interrupt, and the ice trap skill (which is on a delay as you throw it). If you miss these and your pet gets hit there is a good chance your pet will die. If your pet dies you might as well quit because winning at that point is ridiculous.

Those of you that have played warcraft might be thinking “Rico? Why wouldn’t you just ressurect your pet and then feign death?” Ah, see, it sounds like you actually grasp what it takes to play a hunter well. Feigning death, misderecting thread to your beefier pet, and whipping ass from afar.

Unfortunately nobody cared to inform the development team at Blizzard of this. Because the bosses in this challenge are immune to misdirection and they ignore feign death. Ok, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes they don’t ignore feign death but instead decide to just despawn entirely.

Ever spent 6 minutes fighting something only to watch it unload before your eyes? I have, many times in the course of a few hours.

Ultimately what this challenge has you do is playing your class in a way you’d never actually play it. They say that these are to prove your expertise of their class. But I can tell you that for the rest of my life this experience will have no impact on my actual performance as a hunter.

I see this sometimes in other games and it confounds me. This weird failure from success feeling. Where you’ve accomplished something but you areĀ stillĀ annoyed by it. I’m not happy that I have this rare-difficult-to-acquire skin for my weapon in wow. Much like those long grinds for rare pets or mounts, I end up just mad in the end.

When I got the headless horsemen mount last year I wasn’t happy about it. It had taken almost a decade of events for me to get it. By the point I was done I didn’t even want to use it and I mostly never do.

I’m not a professional game designer, I can only really tell you what I like. This definitely was not that. I felt the same thing playing a number of the uncharted games on the highest difficulty. You have checkpoints that plop you in front of a gunman who kills you in a single shot. Sometimes you die before the game even finishes loading.

This is something I’m going to be considering as I work more on game projects. Creating a challenge that is so nasty that even when you finish it you are still upset. Because I can’t think of any worse thing in video games for me. Getting a reward and still feeling like you lost? That seems like pretty much the worst combination. At least a broken game doesn’t tease you along, promising you some good feels at the end of the race.

I chased a dragon only to find out it was more Tiamat than Puff.

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