1 Cent Soda

//1 Cent Soda

1 Cent Soda

  Today we decided to venture out into the world, it’s a bit difficult to do after a long week of work. Our ventures took us to the local Target, a 2 story monstrosity (to be fair its only 1 floor, the parking garage is the other floor). We ordered some smoothies from Starbucks (something I would suggest you don’t do for now), and purchased a few “food items” from the market there. I use quotations because I’m quite sure my insides are debating whether or not what I ate qualified as actual food.

  What I found most remarkable was the Soda pitch of the employee. “The cost without the Soda is 3.67, with the Soda it is 3.68.” Really? An 8-9 inch tall Soda cup is 1 cent more? I realize we are dealing with margins and packaged deals but I found this a bit remarkable.

  Imagine if you went into a place and they said “Would you like an apple with that?” You momentarily protest because you can’t stand fruit (such an odd person the hypothetical you is) and they say “It’s only a penny more!” Oh my, an apple for a penny? Indeed I will have it.

  I filled the cup with water, it helped wash down the incredibly rich Smoothie from Starbucks. Bless their hearts for trying but they need to get the mix down better for sure. It wasn’t bad Per se, but it was incredibly underwhelming. For the 4 dollar mark I would much prefer an all fruit drink, this tasted like an odd concoction of many things with a bit of fruit thrown in at the end.

  Again, they are new to the field, so I’m going to give them some time to try and figure out how to make a smoothie. Perhaps their parents never owned a blender and they are lost in the venture.

  I’m currently diving into a game known as Darksiders, much like the smoothie it isn’t bad, but the designers certainly could learn a thing or two about streamlining. Backtracking for no better reason than “Well its that way” is something that I thought died a console generation ago. A short cutscene of my guy walking back to the main room would have been far better, similarly when you complete the minigames it sprinkles throughout it would be nice if it would just cut to your guy approaching the beginning of the room again.

  I’d show you some screenshots but I can’t for the life of me figure out where the game was saving them. The game is a bit old now and indeed a sequel is hitting this year, I’m not sure if I’ll buy it. I got this for 7.50 on Steam and it certainly hits that mark. The 60 dollar (or as I call it “crazy price point”) ticket is a bit too much for entry.

  It’s a lovely effort and I think the team that made it is talented, but it has a few too many problems to justify the original asking price. On a related note I watched the “Most Anticipated” list of games for 2012 and it cleared up something for me.

  I am easily going to finish my book this year.

  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a less exciting lineup of games. Diablo III maybe but even that is probably going to smell of the new Activision branch. With each passing year I wish Blizzard would have not joined up with Activision, but perhaps its just me, I am getting older after all.

  So tomorrow I’ll be playing around with story ideas. I’ve actually been building a mental locker of tweaks for the story. The best part of having it done now is that I can add in some very nice foreshadowing and Squee, Goblin Nabobother hints to the end as well as connect dots better. The original write through was something of a mad dash for the end. I was building the skeleton for a new beast and had not the best direction on where to put organs, with it now done I can move things around before I breath life into it.

  This post came in mighty late today. I’m playing around with Goblins now for deck building, my current deck is missing something. I’ve finished the revamp of Monoblack Zombies, Slivers is in the mail, as is Infection, and an absolutely delightful Discard Deck.

  Time flies when you are building, it’s a good feeling and actually gives me time to think more about the story. I truly hope I can finish this year with a printed copy in my lap, even if its personally published.

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