2016 Starts with 24+ hours of website downtime :).

//2016 Starts with 24+ hours of website downtime :).

2016 Starts with 24+ hours of website downtime :).

Well, I’m sticking with my previous point of relaxing this year. I could be angry or loud, or whatever. But I’m not going to. I’m mostly just disappointed. A brand new year to start nice and crisp and it gets somewhat marred by very long downtime. Lately ASmallOrange has been failing miserably. Downtime nearly weekly, sometimes for many hours at a time. I understand that hosting is a tough business but they sell you on 99.9998% uptime. We aren’t anywhere close to that number.

Once our subscription is over I’ll likely move us to someone else. It’s not so much about unrealistic expectations as it is the security of data. All connection to my server went down for an entire day. In that time their livechat was locked and they weren’t responding to anyone about anything. For all I knew I had just lost everything since my last backup. That’s a pretty awful feeling. And seeing that this is a frequent occurrence I just sadly can’t have peace of mind while using them.

I’m going to start making regular backups. I might look into tools to have daily backups made of my SQL database. Unfortunately I just can’t trust them anymore to handle this themselves. As for tomorrows update (which is obviously today, now) we’ll talk a bit about Xenoblade Chronicles since I’m nearly finished! Maybe…I think that’s what we’ll talk about. Time will tell.

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