2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #6

//2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #6

2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #6

We missed updating last week but that’s alright. Life can sometimes go by so quickly that you forget to take a moment to catch up on things. Last week’s images will come first and then I’ll post up this week’s images. Physically life has been going well. The walks are becoming easier, I’m feeling a bit livelier and overall it is nice to know that I might stave off the cold grip of death a bit more. And really, even though mortality is pretty much a certainty at the moment at least being physically fit means you are more likely to enjoy more of your years. Probably thinking a bit too far ahead. But it’s late, I haven’t done laundry yet, and that makes me feel a bit existential.

That takes care of last week. Now we’ll move onto this week. Liz is getting a commanding lead on elevation and likely is gaining some distance horizontally with all her stair runs. I really need to get into that. This isn’t necessarily a competition but I also don’t want to get left behind.

It’s important to cherish these moments when I upload before her. Because then I get to stand on her mii’s head and see the wide eyed shock. Now onto her leaving me in the dust…

At this rate she’ll be up the entire mountain before I get to Kathmandu! Time to bring out the big guns and start mastering the stairs. I’ll become…some kind of master of stairs. A…what would you call that? I dunno, something. I’ll be that.

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