2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #7

Liz is pointing out that the Appalachian Trail is 2,160 miles. So in order to complete it we’ll need to walk roughly 6 miles a day, starting from the first of this year. Unfortunately I’ve double checked my watch and it is easily further along than the first of the year. I still think it is possible but it would require a great deal of effort. May look into seeing how large the neighborhood is and work out how many loops around it we’d need to walk. This would be much easier in my home neighborhood. Is what it is though. Mt. Everest by contrast is still looking trivial, with Liz racing headlong towards the peak.

I actually can’t find Liz’s image for some reason. But she made it further than 59.8 miles, you can tell because her image is not wide eyed.