2016 Wii Fit U Challenge

//2016 Wii Fit U Challenge

2016 Wii Fit U Challenge

So today starts the challenge Liz and I have set for ourselves this year. On the Wii Fit U game there is a mode where it takes your steps (and elevation climb) and shows you the equivalent advances in world places. So naturally we are picking the two largest ones and trying to complete them this year! The elevation challenge will be Mt. Everest, and I was about to take pictures with my phone before I realized that I can use Mii Plaza or whatever to take images. I’ll be updating with our progress every…shit…what is today?

Hold on! I’m on a PC…I’ve got this. Tuesday! Alright, unless I change the day this’ll be my update every Tuesday! Edit: I’ll actually be doing future updates on Sunday. But Today (The 4th) is when we started this challenge.

Off to a roaring start! Kinda...not really.

Off to a roaring start! Kinda…not really.

She's beating me...

She’s beating me…

Now for Distance we’ll be doing the Appalachian Trail! I don’t recall the distances on either. So lets act like I said them but in reality you are reading them on the image below.

Oh no. Her meetings will be the downfall of me.

Oh no. Her meetings will be the downfall of me.

I'll catch up, I swear.

I’ll catch up, I swear.

Other great news, for Moosecat Farms. I’ve had it running for an hour now and totally stable! My little Moosecat has grown up and seems pretty hungry. I should probably start feeding this cat.

PS. Next time the screenshots won’t be taken with my phone. We found out how to upload them to IMGUR.

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