2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #2

//2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #2

2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #2

Our first week update is here! A reminder that we are trying to complete both of these challenges by years end. Obviously we’ve got an incredible distance to go but I believe as spring and summer hit it’ll be much more reasonable. For now we’ll make our way through the winter. We took a walk up the hillside to Target yesterday and it was lovely, once I stopped wheezing like a chainsmoker. Heart pumping for dear life and begging me to stop. Liz, however, just kinda stood there like “Eh, I take walks like this for breakfast.”

Here are our image updates for the week.


As you can see, she wins this round. Probably will win most of them. I don’t have as many meetings as she does in a week. But really this is a team effort. We’ve got a fair number of states to make it through. I doubt I’ll post anything special on those days, maybe the state flag. Sounds like a plan.


Elevation is a strange beast with Wii Fit U, it adds one if you go up a foot and removes one if you go down a foot. I don’t understand how this results in anything but a zero value but maybe someone wiser than I in the art of Wii Fit can explain it. Regardless we both had net positives but again she managed to get 200 feet more than me. It’s possible that wearing my pedometer on my jacket instead of my pants is hurting me. We’ll see.

So that’s that! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow we’ll start up again with development updates. Short story is that it’s going quite well.

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