25 Years

//25 Years

25 Years

I spoke with my sister last night. Situations this month lead to the event transpiring. She brought up a point I hadn’t even contemplated before. We haven’t seen one another in 25 years. Well, specifically, she said she hasn’t seen me since I was 5. So much has changed since then. I’ve been so many places, seen so many things. I’ve both elated and infuriated so many people.

Unless CRISPR really takes off, I’ve only got another 2 or 3 of these 25 year chunks left. It’s a strange thought to think that I haven’t seen her in this long. Admittedly the first 13 years of this are entirely on my parents and her. That’s 5 to 18 and not exactly a time I can travel. Then I’d be going through college for the next 4 or 5 which puts us at 18 years.

Next we moved to California and started working. That would eat up the following years. All the while time is passing (as you’d expect with me using time as our measurement unit here). People growing older, changing. It’s a strange thought for me to think that a relative last saw me before I had a care in the world.

Especially peculiar when you think about how close people used to live. Most of a family might not even see the world outside of their town, much less be spread across a continent.

The most interesting thing about incidents like this is that they cannot be undone. I also think that really they only feel as strongly as they do because we age. If that ever gets sorted out these long swaths of delay will feel painless. Like a millionaire misplacing a penny. For now though, I will look on it as the strangeness that it is. And wonder just how many more people I won’t see for a quarter of a century.


An idea where you can retire and die or use CRISPR and live longer.

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